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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: Walk-in Soul Stories


Share Posts - A walk-in is a person who's soul exchanges places with a soul that originally incarnated a body at the time of birth. These are stories told by walk-ins about their transition into a personality that has already been established.

Walk-in Remembers Communications with Original Soul

I knew that somehow I was here with the original soul of this body, however she decided to quit and gave me this body because the bullying in the school that she studied was too much for her. She di…More

Hindu Walk-in Soul

I was in a serious car accident on the night of 11-11-99. I was a passenger in a car driven by a drunk. This body would have died that night if I had not chosen to live in it. I remember a dark void …More

Walk-in After Failed Suicide Attempt

I lost just about everything this past summer: best friends, the person I was closest to. Even my family just seemed distant to me. There seemed to be no end in sight, and that was true a month late…More

Walk-in or Soul Possession?

In Oct. of 2003 my 17 year old daughter was in a horrible car accident. She suffered from a traumatic brain injury, was in a coma for 7 days and suffered from a stroke while doctors tried bringing he…More

90% Probability I'm a Walk-in

I do not know why I chose this soul path, but is is possible that it is related to veterans suffering from brain trauma and possibly a better understanding for PTSD. Since discovering this article on…More

Intergrating with Another Soul

The story is so profound (and I keep journals, having over 200 books) that I was directed to publish the entire account which is a compilation of seven of my journals. I was very reluctant to make th…More

Tug of War with Walk-in Soul

I had been suffering from dark bouts of depression. I had thoughts of "ending it all." I was self-medicating with alcohol. A trusted friend recommended the healer who informed me about having two sou…More

Amanda Left the Building

The challenge is to be able to deal with her past as well as those she knew. It happened so fast and it took me almost a year to realize what had happened. It was an awakening or “rebirth.̶…More

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