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Street Lights

Share Your Story: Spirit Orb Photos and Stories

By Shirley

Street Lights

Street Lights

Street Lights

Unbelievable (click on images for enlarged view)

About My Orb (light being) Photo

I was standing in front of the Customs Building on Jeremie street, Castries St. Lucia. I saw the street lights looking all so colorful on a few occasions and one day decided to take a photo with my Blackberry. After loading the photos to the my computer whilst viewing them I saw all these amazing and unique looking photos. After showing them to a few persons one of them told me that the image might contain Orbs. search on the internet for what obs were I then came across this sight which enlightened me of whats orbs are really are. so I decided to downloaded one of my photos since them I have taken loads of them.

What Makes My Photo So Special

This is the first time I have even seen street lights appear like this in photos. Learning that not every one can take this type of photos make me feel that there was truly something special about me.

Lessons Learned

  • When I got to know about it I certainly felt blessed.

Additional Comments

Such an Unbelievable sight!

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