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Spirit Showed Itself in Response to My Request

Share Your Story: Spirit Orb Photos and Stories

By Tracy

Spirit Showed Itself in Response to My Request

Orb in House (click on image for enlarged view

About My Orb (light being) Photo

This photo was taken before my husband and I moved out of our house. With one last check of the house to take pictures and make sure everything was okay. I spent some time alone in this room. I had always felt something in here, especially behind the door, and was told by a psychic there were two spirits that have chosen to remain there. I always felt as though I were being observed. So, I stood taking pictures, asking "whoever" to show themselves, as this would be the last chance. I didn't realize until I got home what a great response I got!

What Makes My Photo So Special

If you zoom into the orb, you will see a man's head, while the orb is clearly moving. The man appears to have dark hair, and some facial hair. This just may have been the friend I had felt all those years! There are a few other great orb photos, taken with minutes of each other. I also an orb with an alien-like face, like the bonfire pic someone else posted.

Lessons Learned

  • I've learned that you really can communicate with the spirits without any fancy equipment.
  • Just ask them to show you a sign!

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