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Grey Ghosts

Share Your Story: Spirit Orb Photos and Stories

By HeatherXJ

Grey Ghosts

Roudenbush Building, Westford Mass 5/27/12

About My Orb (light being) Photo

This is a building in Westford, Massachusetts called the Roudenbush. It's said to be haunted. The school sports teams are named the Grey Ghosts after this. I took these pictures in very fast sequence, you can see the sun hasn't changed its position... they aren't orbs, but they are questionable.

What Makes My Photo So Special

I took this after I told my two girls the story of "Jenny" a name of the old employees and janitors called the ghost. My 11 year old was scared but waved a friendly wave towards the building. Then just looking for angles of the building these white smudges appear in a picture taken within seconds of the other. It was not windy, there was no pollen... just seems cool I guess and I'd like to believe it's Jenny! But then I wonder why she would stay there?

Lessons Learned

  • Lately I have been seeing 444 everywhere and looking at the clock each day at that time
  • Weirdest thing was a "captcha" to enter on a Webpage, you know the squiggle letter that you must enter sometimes, well the last one I had pop up was 4444.
  • I have never been one to believe any spiritual stuff but I'm coming around to it now.

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