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Flying Orbs

Share Your Story: Spirit Orb Photos and Stories

By Charles Durfey

Flying Orbs

Orb Near Squirrel Feeder (click on image for enlarged view)

About My Orb (light being) Photo

Hello, I take wildlife photos, some at night with a camera that you put on a tree and leave till next day. Well, it took some photos. I was trying to get photo of a flying squirrel at night when camera took photo of a [orb ] six photos a bright dot that seem to follow the squirrel and one of four dots together moving from one spot to another spot nine feet up in air.

What Makes My Photo So Special

Well, it has to do with animals, an orb that is around a flying squirrel at night with no humans around. They were on different nights and out of a week only 2 days had orbs in them. I did nothing with the camera and weather was different all nights. And out of more than 80 photos only eight of them had orbs???

Lessons Learned

  • I truly believe that these photos are of a higher force speaking out.
  • There are just some things that are hard to explain.

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