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Brother's Spirit Orb Gives Me Comfort

Share Your Story: Spirit Orb Photos and Stories

By Shari D

Brother's Spirit Orb Gives Me Comfort

sprit of brother and step dad

Brother's Spirit Orb Gives Me Comfort

new years (click on images for enlarged view)

About My Orb (light being) Photo

My brother passed away 4-2012. My step dad in 8-2011. I never paid attention to paranormal activity before. I now live in my brother's house, his ashes are with me, where he took his last breath. I feel him here. I will talk to him, then start taking random pictures and I see him in orb form. I do believe this is my brother and/or my step-dad along w/his best friend whom passed 3 months after my brother, his BF.

I feel my brother and every picture nearly I take of my son, there is an orb next to him.

What Makes My Photo So Special

I believe it's my brother's spirit. I speak to him, then take pics and he is there with me... my son.. my mom... he is always here whenever I ask him to be. There is no other explanation. When I took pictures in this house prior, there was nothing. Now, most always when I take a pic of my son, there is orb or two next to him. I have not been able to capture an orb next to me, but always my son or my mom. What does that mean, really?

Lessons Learned

  • I know that when I speak to my brother, then orbs appear in pictures. It's like he is watching over us, protecting us. That brings me comfort.

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