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Angels with Us

Share Your Story: Spirit Orb Photos and Stories

By pzanin

Angels with Us

Me and my Angels

Angels with Us

Gene with his Angel (click on images for enlarged views)

About My Orb (light being) Photo

This is a photo of me working in our new house. I was sitting high on top of the wall in the living room, my husband took the photo. Later, when we were looking at the photos we had taken I noticed I wasn't alone.

What Makes My Photo So Special

It appears that I have Angels all around me as if to be protecting me while I was sitting on the top of that wall. We don't know who it could be but we did feel a strong presence for the first year or so after we moved in and we were pretty sure we had been visited by the previous owners.

Lessons Learned

  • I've been noticing more and more light beings in my photos now since more of my family has passed on.
  • It's proof to me that they're still with me.

Additional Comments

I've also attached a photo of my twin brother taken with a light being over his shoulder. This photo is very special to me as I do feel it's his Angel with him as he was diagnosed with cancer about 6 months later and passed away about a year and a half later.

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

Thank you for sharing your angels with us. I've included both of these images in the Spirit Orbs Gallery
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