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Om Tattoo

Share Your Story: Healing Tattoos

By govind raju

Om Tattoo

My Om Tattoo

Om Tattoo

Bramha Tattoo Artist Girish

About My Tattoo

I was very depressed in life because I lost my job. Due to that my health was affected, whole of my life went into a drain. Then one day I read an article in a newspaper saying a tattoo artist in the city is doing free Om tattoos every Tuesday. It was interesting to check out how come someone is giving away permanent tattoos for free. At first I thought that it might be dangerous then went and checked out he was a professional tattoo artist. He was a Hindu Brahmin Priest who became a tattoo artist. I told him about myself and he gave me appointment after 2 weeks because he was booked. At last I got an Om tattoo done, and my life changed.

Why My Tattoo is Healing to Me

The Om tattoo I got is very healing because according to Hindu mythology it acts as a protection from negative energy. My life changed so much that I stopped drinking and smoking and have been a vegetarian for past 1 year. I got a good job in a multinational company. This artist knows a lot about spiritual tattooing like yantra, and how to remove it and cleanse the body and the soul. He says only a tattoo will travel along with the soul after death, nothing else does. It all happend in Bramha Tattoo Studio, Bangalore City, Karnataka, India


  • Get a tattoo done by a tattoo artist who is spiritually inclined so you get good energy.

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

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