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By mindtone

About My Spiritual Path

I have become more paleo-pagan (don't quote me). I'm Moari and have incorporated my Moari beliefs of papatuinuku (mother earth) and ranginui (father sky), into my spiritual learning as well as most of our cultural beliefs but not all. I have come to understand my meaning or purpose and I believe it's to teach and heal. I teach by showing better ways of living because I apply them (proof in the pudding) and healing by doing the same thing. Small things add up to big things, children are especially important to me because they want to know and are our legacy. They can do what we couldn't for this world. Much much love, Thank you for your time.

My Story of Conflict and Resolution

My conflict has been more with myself than any one particular person. I was not bought up in an organised religion as my parents wanted us to choose for ourselves as they were forced. I have searched myself and many religions for an answer and decided to take what I needed from all the ones I agreed with. I have not made a new religion and don't claim to. I have simply taken what I wanted and left the rest. I resolved my conflict by allowing myself the freedom to be me and use what works over trying to fit in and please people who did not personally care for me. I am blessed that I live the authentic me even if it's a work in progress :)


  • Look within, what do you need? What do you want for your life? Where do you want to head? Achieve? Be? So often nowadays we are told to be this and that, you can't live an authentic "you" if you don't know who "You" are.
  • Nothing wrong with wanting to be hardworking like mum but you don't have to be a mini mum to have that virtue.
  • Find what you want, take what you need and leave the rest. Keep in mind the Law of Attraction.
  • life will throw crap but we determine hpw we deal with it.

What I Would Do Differently Now

I wish I'd found myself a lot earlier instead of worrying about what others (my so-called peers, adults whose opinions didn't matter, etc.) want me to be. When I came of age I was lost. It has been quite a journey, wish I had started earlier so I have more time to explore.

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