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Sunny Relationship

Share Your Story: Love Stories

By Phylameana lila Desy

Sunny Relationship

The Sun Card

Sunny Relationship


About the Person I Love

This story is about my husband and the early years of our courtship/marriage. He is my Sun!

My Personal Love Story

I fell in love with a scientist. He fell in love with a gypsy girl (me!). When we first met I was a single mom working at a 9-5 job in a medical center insurance office. I moonlighted in the evenings giving Tarot readings. He thought it was "cute" that I was interested in esoteric subjects. He didn't realize until much later that I was serious about my spiritual explorations. He is an agnostic, I have Pagan leanings. Our hearts didn't care about these differences.

Anyway, one of the first gifts he gave me after we were married was a Rider/Waite Tarot deck. This confused me because I already owned the deck. He then told me that he had noticed that my deck was pretty worn and might like a new deck. I laughed and explained to him that my deck was considered "well seasoned" not worn and that I would not want to break in a new deck.

Nonetheless, I opened up the new deck. As you know, a new deck of cards can be pretty slippery. As I was shuffling them The Sun card fell onto my lap. I thought "how interesting" because I could not recall The Sun card ever surfacing in any of my hundreds of readings with my cards. Of, course I knew there was a Sun card, I owned several other Tarot Decks and I knew the meaning of this card. Seeing The Sun's face looking up at me from my lap got me to wondering if my original deck had any missing cards. I grabbed my beloved deck and started sorting through the cards one by one. Sure enough, The Sun card was missing from my original deck, the only card missing! Instead of replacing my deck with the new deck I simply placed the new Sun Card in with my seasoned deck.

Symbolically I feel that his gesture of gifting me with a new deck, was really a confirmation of what my husband meant to me. My husband is my SUN, he gifts me with LIGHT every day because of his bright and shiny love for me. And, I love him right back.


  • It's okay to love someone who views the world differently.
  • Every relationship offers lessons for our spiritual growth.

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

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