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Share Your Story: Love Stories

By tcup

About the Person I Love

A childhood friendship bonded us. Life and circumstances separated us. Pat's persistence and a psychic helped me to open my heart, let the grief and pain go and accept love.

Pat, today, is the same person I bonded with 45 years ago, more mature but in so many ways the same. I know, with him, I am safe and will be loved. We have fallen in love again, we feel alive again. This in itself is a near miracle because after we each lost our spouse we lost our will to live, and couldn't see ourselves loving again. Ours is a love story that amazes us and is worth writing about.

My Personal Love Story

We started out as friends when we were kids, just coming into our teenage years. We had similar family lives and that common ground created a bond between us. I was raised in a city 120 miles away but spent my summers with my grandparents in Pat's hometown. Eventually time and distance separated us and our lives took different paths, we each married and had families of our own.

We thought of each other from time to time but our lives needed more attention. Eventually my husband (of that time) and I moved into the town that Pat lived, it was home to me. Pat and I saw each other from time to time but, again, we had our lives and families to focus on but we never forgot our bond. Eventually, Pat and his family moved away, 1200 miles away. We still had each other in our thoughts.

Three years ago my husband passed away,and two months later so did Pat's wife. Two years we grieved our lost loved ones, those were dark times for both of us. Last summer we started chatting on Facebook. In the Fall, Pat came home to visit family and stopped in to see me. We continued to talk online, then on the phone. We still had a bond between us. I held onto my grief and couldn't open up.

On a whim I went to a psychic and she told me that I had a second soul mate, we were in contact and I was keeping my heart closed off. We had a lot of obstacles but we will be together. I opened my heart and Pat and I have spent time together, getting to know each other and are happier than ever.

At this time, I am sitting in an inn, halfway to Pat's home. We are going to start a new life together, we feel sure that it will work for us. I shortened my story to fit this forum, there's a lot more to add. We are both amazed that everything has worked out so easily to bring us together. Little signs tell me I'm on the right track, the latest of which, my room number at the inn is the same as my home address. I am frequently seeing the model and color of truck that my husband drove, showing me that he approves and is with me. There have been many more signs, these are only 2. I firmly believe that my husband and Pat's wife are pulling us together.

This has taken 45 years to bring to fruition. This is our time, this is our destiny, we will be happy.


  • Pat and I both believed that we would never be happy, love again. We thought we were too old, not attractive enough, all those negative thoughts, we carried with us. All we had to do was open our hearts and Fate, God, our lost loved ones all worked to pull us together.
  • Never give up hope that love and happiness is there for you. Open your heart to love and it will come to you.

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

Yours is a lovely "love story" AND important lesson for us to keep our hearts open. Thanks for sharing with my readers.

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