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About the Person I Love

He is the oldest of four boys, grew up with a sick mother and had lots of responsibility at a young age, as his father was always working to pay the bills. Mr. Funnybones always has a wise crack that makes people smile when things are getting too serious. He even makes me laugh when I am in pain. He is a very giving, patient, and loving person. It takes a lot to get him angry. Loves children and pets, and his heart breaks when someone he loves is suffering. He is not afraid of working for a living to provide for his family, and gets bored if he is not busy. I call him my angel because he always knows just what I need.

My Personal Love Story

We met on a blind date when I was a senior in high school, taking college courses, and working nights. He is four years my senior, and was already working full time in another state. He lived near me, but traveled daily to work and back. Our first date we arrived a half hour late for a movie, so decided to sit at a soda shop near the theatres and wait for the next show.

This worked out great, since it gave us time to get to know each other. By the end of the night, we felt like we had known each other for years. We agreed to another date. Weekends were the only time we didn't have work or school, so that was when we spent our time together.

Since we lived in the same town, and at one time, the same neighborhood, we knew many of the same people. When he first took me around to introduce me to his friends, I already knew every one of them. After four homes, he asked me, "Is there anyone I know that you don't?"

We married a year later. Within one year his mother died. Within the next year we had our first child. Like every young couple, we struggled, but we kept honest with each other and made it through many challenges.

Two of his three brothers lived with us at one time or another. His father lived with us for several years, as he had Alzheimers and needed to be watched daily. If you can get through living with extended family, you can make it through anything.

We got married young, but we were both mature for our age. We still grew up some together. We ALWAYS trusted each other, so there was never any jealousy in our relationship. We try to keep date nights, even if it is just a walk in the park. We show love and respect to each other daily. WE knew that marriage is never 50/50. Someone is always going to have to give a little more than the other. But, it should shift back and forth.

I got sick in my early 40's and he stepped up and started helping out with chores and even learned to cook some main dishes. I help him outside when I can, and he does the housework when I am not feeling up to it. Even though I can no longer work outside the home, he still helps me out, in spite of all the overtime he works.

Here we are thirty-four years later... still happily married. We lost our parents, a sibling, children, and a few friends, but we grew closer through it all.


  • We agreed to always be honest with each other, especially about money. No secrets, other than Christmas time stuff, and no large purchases without an open discussion about it first.
  • We talked about children and discipline before having them. I was home with them, so I set most of the rules. But he was sure to back me up on all of them. This way they could not play one parent against the other.
  • We each have our own interest/hobbies and we gave each other time to keep involved with them. But, we also found mutual interests that we could share.
  • As long as bills are paid, we still try to make time for fun.

Additional Comments

People need to talk to each other about what they want in life BEFORE they get married. We knew how many children we wanted, that we wanted a parent home with them until school age, what type of house to work toward, life goals, etc. It is a partnership based on love, trust, respect, and life.

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

You two were apparently meant to be together. Thank you for sharing your love story.

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