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Hold the Pickles

Share Your Story: Love Stories

By Michael

About the Person I Love

My wife of 32 years is the most lovely, caring person. She always puts me and our children first and constantly makes sacrifices. She is fun, laughs at herself and many situations that I would otherwise take too serious. She has been the treasure of my life. I try to give her the best life possible. She is always gracious, even after all these years.

My Personal Love Story

About my Fateful Trip to Burger King - Just entering the Coast Guard and finding my way to my first duty station, the Coast Guard Cutter Bramble, I seemed to be all alone in a big world. I made friends quickly aboard the ship.

One day my friend Riccardo took me for a quick tour of town in his car. He asked me if I would mind if he made a quick stop to say "hello" to his girlfriend. I was game. He pulled in to the local Burger King where he went inside. I went along.

When we walked inside, his girlfriend was standing behind the counter. All of a sudden a second lady jumped up from behind the counter and sang Burger King's song of the day "Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce......." When this second lady saw me she got embarrassed and began trying to explain that she only saw Riccardo, who she knew and not me.

She kept giggling and apologizing. The more she talked, the more she needed to talk to explain herself. I instantly became very attracted to this person who was tripping over her own words because of her nervousness.

I made another trip back to Burger King and saw her again. This time I asked her out for a date. The date consisted of dinner and her to show me around town.

About two and a half years later, we got married. Now, 32 years later, we love each other just like the first year we were together. She is the greatest treasure of my life!


  • Our 32 years of marriage worked because we both have our wants and needs, but we are willing to make sacrifices for the other without feeling like we have been shorted in any way.
  • We discuss everything and plan things together.
  • I don't overpower her with my decisions and she doesn't me with hers. Everyone can do at least one thing better than most. I find my spouse's strong points and listen for her suggestions and she does the same for me.
  • We build our marriage on our relationship. Not money or items. We support each other.

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