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Reader Stories: Love Stories


Share Posts - Who doesn't love a good love story? Readers tell about the special people in their lives who they love.

Tell Your Love Story

Psychic Helped Me Open my Heart to a Second Soul Mate

We started out as friends when we were kids, just coming into our teenage years. We had similar family lives and that common ground created a bond between us. I was raised in a city 120 miles away bu…More

My Knight in Shining Armor

I first fell in love with my KISHA when I listened to him talk to my brother over the telephone. I was two years younger than my brother and four years younger than JT. I did not listen to the conten…More

First Love

Pat and I dated off and on for 6 years after that. When he was a junior in high school he started talking about us getting married after high school. I panicked. I had been abused most of my life, an…More

Mister Funnybones

We met on a blind date when I was a senior in high school, taking college courses, and working nights. He is four years my senior, and was already working full time in another state. He lived near me…More

Hold the Pickles

About my Fateful Trip to Burger King - Just entering the Coast Guard and finding my way to my first duty station, the Coast Guard Cutter Bramble, I seemed to be all alone in a big world. I made frien…More

Personal Cinderella Story

My met my husband when I joined the Volunteer Fire Department. I was 18 and he was 31. He was already a member as a FF and EMT. I was instantly intrigued. He was a rogue back then, recently divorced …More

Star-Struck, A Fated Love Story

You could call it fate. I'd bought a new house, and I received in the mail, addressed to the previous owner, an invitation to audition for "King Lear." I hadn't been on the stage for 10 years, and ov…More

The One I Waited For My Whole Life

We had been co-workers for a number of years, He was into our union, I was running for my village mayor position at the time of my 2nd divorce. I was angry, fighting for right, in all aspects of my l…More

He is My Love

My husband and I worked together for many years. He was friends with many of my work friends, but he and I were on opposite ends of many work disputes. For years my husband and I could not stand each…More

Sunny Relationship

I fell in love with a scientist. He fell in love with a gypsy girl (me!). When we first met I was a single mom working at a 9-5 job in a medical center insurance office. I moonlighted in the evenings…More

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