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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: Love Stories


Share Posts - Who doesn't love a good love story? Readers tell about the special people in their lives who they love.

Personal Cinderella Story

My met my husband when I joined the Volunteer Fire Department. I was 18 and he was 31. He was already a member as a FF and EMT. I was instantly intrigued. He was a rogue back then, recently divorced …More

Star-Struck, A Fated Love Story

You could call it fate. I'd bought a new house, and I received in the mail, addressed to the previous owner, an invitation to audition for "King Lear." I hadn't been on the stage for 10 years, and ov…More

The One I Waited For My Whole Life

We had been co-workers for a number of years, He was into our union, I was running for my village mayor position at the time of my 2nd divorce. I was angry, fighting for right, in all aspects of my l…More

He is My Love

My husband and I worked together for many years. He was friends with many of my work friends, but he and I were on opposite ends of many work disputes. For years my husband and I could not stand each…More

Sunny Relationship

I fell in love with a scientist. He fell in love with a gypsy girl (me!). When we first met I was a single mom working at a 9-5 job in a medical center insurance office. I moonlighted in the evenings…More

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