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Reiki Help Blog :: Oasis Reiki Dojo

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By karunaray

Reiki Help Blog :: Oasis Reiki Dojo

Pamir Kiciman, BA, RM, CHt

Reiki Help Blog :: Oasis Reiki Dojo

A Reiki Primer: Audio, PDF & authority posts

Why I Love Reiki

Personal transformation and spiritual evolution are only truly effective when practice-based and not merely as good 'ideas.' Reiki is a very practical, user-friendly, practice-based teaching that brings about change in a direct, beautiful way. I love Reiki because it is easy and simple and highly effective.

About My Reiki Blog

The Reiki Help Blog focuses on Reiki from a Japanese viewpoint. In Usui Sensei's original teachings there are specific meditations utilizing Ki, working with the energy center known as 'hara,' other personal mastery practices, and a firm base in nondualistic teachings of Oneness. Reiki is an enlightenment teaching and a way of living with wisdom and compassion. Healing and the hands-on practice of Reiki rests on this spiritual foundation.

The blog also explores spirituality in general. Posts include meditation, spiritual living and principles, energy and subtle reality, healing, consciousness, and peace. As part of a spiritual orientation to life, posts sometimes also include caring for the environment, sustainability and animal welfare.

Lessons Learned

  • Oneness is the source of life.
  • Love is supreme.
  • Spirituality is applicable in all spheres.
  • Compassion is central.
  • Wisdom is available to everyone.
  • We are in symbiotic relation with every person and the planet.
  • We are responsible for our creations.

Name of My Blog

Reiki Help Blog :: Oasis Reiki Dojo

Helping you help yourself & the world

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