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FreeReiki - Sudan Reiki blog

Share Your Story: Reiki Blogs

By DickScott

FreeReiki - Sudan Reiki blog

Dick Scott: Poet, Musician, and Reiki Master

Why I Love Reiki

It is simple and without any demands. In today's society Reiki is highly needed to relax and get back to basics which Reiki is all about. When our body and mind come into relaxation we have magnificent possibilities to heal. It´s also a non materialistic method who only uses our natural connection to the presence of the divine which we unfortunately all forgot more or less through times.

About My Reiki Blog

My Reiki blog is for spreading the word about this easy, peaceful and holistic method which includes both mind body and soul. I'm presenting myself as a Reiki Master since year 2000 and my will is to give a free distance Reiki session for those who want to try it.

Lessons Learned

  • Nothing is static.
  • We are all one.
  • Love is life's purpose.
  • We are meant to share and to care for each other.
  • Peace of mind creates peace on earth.
  • Fear is nothing to be afraid of but something to embrace and learn from.
  • We are primarily souls with a human experience.
  • Everyone needs at least one true friend.
  • Distance healing is often more powerful than ordinary healing.
  • Reiki works without time and space which in fact are illusions.
  • That God exists

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