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Reader Stories: Reiki Blogs


Are you passionate about Reiki or want to learn more about Reiki? Discover Reiki blogs and meet bloggers who are dedicated to the teachings and practice of Reiki.

Tell About Your Blog

Got Reiki

My reiki blog, Got Reiki, offers reiki stories from me and many other reiki practitioners. We share everything from people, animals, and situations. All stories show what an amazing gift reiki is. I …More

BlissKi Blog

BlissKi is a blog for those who would like to share their knowledge, as well as those seeking to develop or gain insights and inspirations. I am a psychologist, Reiki master and intuitive energy heal…More

Reiki For You and Me

I was very ill with horrible anxiety for several years and had to step back from my Reiki business. I started to doubt the efficacy of Reiki, so I decided to put it to the test. I made a contract wit…More

The Spirituality Seeker

In my blog The Spirituality Seeker I write about spirituality, Reiki, crystals, meditation, chakras, meditations, book reviews, product reviews, personal experiences, and other little random tidbits.…More

Reiki Life Works

My blog, Reiki Life Works focuses on Reiki, healing, wellness, angels, nutrition and more. The goal of my blog is to share how Reiki can be infused into your daily life, especially as someone who wor…More

Sacred Healing NYC

My Reiki blog, Sacred Healing NYC, is for spreading the word about this simple, healing and holistic method that soothes both mind body and soul. I'm presenting myself as a Reiki Master and a Crystal…More

Usui Reiki Share

I started blogging about Reiki shortly after I was attuned to Reiki I. I tell stories both of my own experiences with treating others, and my experiences with seeking Reiki healing for myself. With p…More

FreeReiki - Sudan Reiki blog

My Reiki blog is for spreading the word about this easy, peaceful and holistic method which includes both mind body and soul. I'm presenting myself as a Reiki Master since year 2000 and my will is to…More

The Reiki Blog

My Reiki blog is my gift to the Reiki community, a way of giving back for all the blessings I've received along my own Reiki path. In it, I share Reiki wisdom, Reiki stories, Reiki tips, as well as d…More

Soaring Spirit Reiki

I just created my Reiki blog, Soaring Spirit Reiki, a few weeks ago, so it doesn't have many posts, but I have many things in store to share on my blog. Primarily, it is a place to chronicle my Reiki…More

Gracious Rabbit Bones

I post random thoughts about Reiki, intuition, guides and energy. I also post some of my creative work... sketches, altered art pages... whatever I may be working on at the time. It is my place to ev…More

The Journey

My blog, The Journey, is about a healing journey and life changing discoveries predominantly identified through Reiki treatment and mentorship of a Reiki therapist. The purpose of the blog is to shar…More

Love and Heal

My blog, Love and Heal, is about Reiki, healing, finding yourself, and being happy. In addition to Reiki and healing my interests include meditation, tarot, angel therapy, chakra balancing, yoga, suf…More

Reiki Healing

My Reiki Healing Site brings together all the latest news and information related to Reiki giving the blogs visitors the ability to read lots of information and also get up-to-date stories - a one st…More


When we make room for positive intention it is amazing how little effort it takes to attract awesome experiences that feed our souls bringing amazing people into our lives. Reiki has done this for me…More

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