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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: Reiki Blogs


Are you passionate about Reiki or want to learn more about Reiki? Discover Reiki blogs and meet bloggers who are dedicated to the teachings and practice of Reiki.

Kaizen Reiki

Kaizen Reiki is about personal mastery and healing. Kaizen Reiki is about using lessons of Reiki to enhance your overall life and development. Kaizen (pronounced KAI-ZEN) is a Japanese term that mean…More

Got Reiki

My reiki blog, Got Reiki, offers reiki stories from me and many other reiki practitioners. We share everything from people, animals, and situations. All stories show what an amazing gift reiki is. I …More

Meditation 3

I love to write about what I do. In my Reiki work I go into stored trauma and blockages in the chakras to open links and sever any energy drain, specially in cases of difficult relationships and brak…More

Love and Heal

My blog, Love and Heal, is about Reiki, healing, finding yourself, and being happy. In addition to Reiki and healing my interests include meditation, tarot, angel therapy, chakra balancing, yoga, suf…More

Reiki Healing

My Reiki Healing Site brings together all the latest news and information related to Reiki giving the blogs visitors the ability to read lots of information and also get up-to-date stories - a one st…More


When we make room for positive intention it is amazing how little effort it takes to attract awesome experiences that feed our souls bringing amazing people into our lives. Reiki has done this for me…More

Reiki in Wantage

I am an ordinary, every day, kind of woman with normal thoughts, hopes, fears and feelings and I want to share my Reiki journey with you from this feet-firmly-on-the-ground perspective.I am not airy-…More

Evolution Reiki

My approach is a little different. With the Evolution Reiki blog, I am not merely tackling health, wellness and hands-on healing, I am pouring my thoughts and feelings on trivial things, what makes m…More

Spirit of the Nile

My blog, Spirit of the Nile, is about my life in Luxor, Egypt. I talk about the spirituality of Egypt, the history, the culture and the people. I love to share my life here, the joys and the frustrat…More

Reiki with Mamta

I aim to share what I am learning along my Reiki Journey and what I find beneficial in my own life.I have been practising Reiki healing since 2001. I am a Reiki Master practising and teaching Reiki, …More

Gorleston Reiki

My Blog is all about Reiki, chakras, handmade jewelry, yoga, meditaion, and gemstones.Please come visit!The 1st page on my blog is about the history of Reiki starting with Mikao Usui, then leading up…More

Healing Mudras

Healing Mudras started in 2009 during a leap life transition... I put a lot of energy into it because it is my window to the world. I believe there are no boundaries anymore... and this blog is my co…More

Reiki Healing Guidance

Reiki Healing Guidance is a blog for healthy and happy life. You heal yourself and heal others. Giving self healing tips to useful for all. Use all five element in your healings. Learn to know the va…More

Reiki by Rhonda

Reiki is a simple and powerful modality that can add something of value to everyone's life. It is a gift from God that waits patiently for us to seek and receive the healing needed at any given momen…More

The Happy Solution

I'm Ashleena, I'm a Reiki II practitioner and also run an online blog spreading vital Holistic news! I give tried and tested advice and tips on how to heal your body through different techniques such…More

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