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Native American - Past Life Regression

Share Your Story: My Past Life Regression

By spiritual child

Who I Was

Native American

What My Past Life Regression Session Was Like

At first my past life regression didn't work for me. I kept laughing through the session. The second attempt did work. I was in a relaxed meditative state.

I was standing on a mound with my horse. I was dressed in native clothing and I felt a burning sensation behind my ear. I held my neck and I was bleeding badly. The braves carried me back and the shaman, who was my father, tried to save me. I had been shot by the so-called white man. The braves captured the man who shot me to find he was not alone, many people came they, wanted to claim our land.

What Was Revealed to Me

I have three freckles in a line behind my ear where I was shot. It was proven to be correct in assuming I was Native American. The reason I don't have any fair-haired people in my life is I don't like them. The person who shot me was fair-haired. I realized then why I hate injustice because the way we were treated was unjust.

Lessons Learned

  • To fight for what I believe and never to give in.
  • To believe in myself more.
  • To know that my guide is always with me along with my spirit animal the wolf ( who I see).

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