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Fear of Water Lessened After Regression - Past Life Regression

Share Your Story: My Past Life Regression

By Sirat

Who I Was

I fell from a waterfall and died from the shock.

What My Past Life Regression Session Was Like

A healer helped me regress 7 past lifetimes.

What Was Revealed to Me

The last one was as a white male in his 35th year of life. Undertaking some kind of a scientific experiment with a harness similar to a paratroopers, and was standing at the corner of a huge waterfall. The sound of the water crashing around me was tremendous and I am supposed to fall in at a particular angle. When I am falling I realize something is horribly wrong and that I will die. I land flat on the water and the shock kills me. I can see some people in a rubber dingy furiously paddling across the river, but I can't help thinking "What's the use, I am dead now." I can see my arms rise up in the water (someone later told me - if you sink, your arms float up... something i didn't know at that time) and when they flip me over I have blue-grey eyes, blind and sightless staring forward...

Lessons Learned

  • It cured my fear of fresh water. I never could stand the sight of fresh water lakes, rivers etc. I would be so scared. After this, I could understand why.
  • My unknown fear has lessened a great deal.

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