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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: My Past Life Regression


Share Posts - Collection of stories told by our readers in their own words about their past life regression experiences.

I Was at Auschwitz During the Holocaust

In my grade school in Sioux City, Iowa, which had a large Jewish population, easily one in five kids were Jewish. I was being raised in a protestant family . . . but many of my friends were Jewish, e…More

I will never forget her...

When I first saw Abby, I thought "I know her." She looked very familiar. She lightly shook my hand. I sat by the chair in front of her. Then everything suddenly came to me. . . She was adopted by an …More

Mistress to King George II

When the Queen passed away, I told my husband I am certain he would take his other mistress permanently and leave me be. However, I received a letter instead requesting me to live in Britain. I agre…More

Native American - Past Life Regression

I have three freckles in a line behind my ear where I was shot. It was proven to be correct in assuming I was Native American. The reason I don't have any fair-haired people in my life is I don't lik…More

Regression Released My Anger - Past Life Regression

I was a young Egyptian girl of the slave caste. I had snuck into a temple, which was strictly forbidden. I was caught. While two guards held me by the arms, a third man stabbed me to death in punishm…More

Follow-up Session - Past Life Regression

Hyp: You are ending this lifetime. Where are you? BETTY: I am on a farm in Nebraska the year is 1865.HYP:What is happening now? BETTY: I feel the bitter bitter cold. (I could physically feel this wom…More

My Life as a Gay Man - Past Life Regression

It is 1928 in either Vienna or Berlin. My name is Bert and I am a young Englishman who has been living there for a year or so. I get the sense that I have just finished University and am having a jau…More

My Life as a Gypsy Dancer - Past Life Regression

I was a tall beautiful female gypsy dancer. I was recognized as one of the best dancers of all the gypsies in my group and in other groups. The memory was of a night with wagons gathered around, a fi…More

Indian Village Was Massacred - Past Life Regression

It was before Custer's last stand. My people where aware of this man on a white horse. One day he came to our village, hunters were gone he knew, started shooting everyone insight. He saw me and grab…More

Two Past Life Memories - Past Life Regression

The setting was in England in 1780. The Native American life was in the early 1600's as a Catawbe Indian near Grandfather Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was a crone in this life. Under regre…More

My Name Was Running Bear - Past Life Regression

I remember being with her at various stages, swimming, running, playing, coming to visit by Canoe. Meeting her father (the Chief), and asking if I could marry her. I received his blessing. As I came …More

Oracle Teller - Past Life Regression

I was in desert of Kalahari: a kind of Priest/ teller of ORACLES. Government persons and high leaders from over the world people were coming to me to know their future about life or problems. I was l…More

Teothihuacan Priest - Past Life Regression

I was standing atop a step pyramid with a slab of stone in front of me, with a person outstretched on it. And I was about to sacrifice them. As I looked out, I saw the area full of people who were wa…More

Executed in a Concentration Camp - Past Life Regression

I am a gypsy during WWII. We traveled from town to town where we earned our money, then returned to the woods at night to stay in our wagons. The town's people would benefit from my tarot readings an…More

Experienced My Own Death - Past Life Regression

Although the thoughts were very fragmented, here is what happened:Q What year did you land? A April 14,1865 Q What kind of shoes are you wearing?A lace up the front boots. Q What is the rest of the a…More

I Remember the Holocaust - Past Life Regression

I'm a young woman in Germany during WWII. I help Jewish children escape from the Nazis. Their parents are friends of mine, although I'm not Jewish. I know them through the University. They give me th…More

Guilt Feelings - Past Life Regression

I was in a Great hall or center room of a large stone castle or keep. A fire was burning in a huge fireplace but did little to warm me. I was seated at a long plank table with a big leather journal t…More

I Suffered A Severe Head Injury - Past Life Regression

I was in a bus depot late at night. It was pretty deserted and I was waiting in the terminal for the bus to pull up. For some unknown reason, I decided to walk outside to see if the bus was coming. I…More

Past Life Memories Surfaced During Hypnosis Tape Session

It started off with me as a boy of about 13 somewhere in South Carolina, United States. I was alone in a farm house making myself something to eat. There was no one else around, no parents or anythin…More

I Lived as a Leper - Past Life Regression

I have had many past lives and memories from them. I've also had several different psychics tell me the same things over the years. One of these past lives affected me in a negative way in this life …More

I Died at Age 16 - Past Life Regression

I am a young girl, age 5 or 6, with long blond hair and blue eyes. It is a very hot day and I am playing on the steps and the entrance of the temple of Athena. It is cooler here in the temple and my …More

Fear of Water Lessened After Regression - Past Life Regression

The last one was as a white male in his 35th year of life. Undertaking some kind of a scientific experiment with a harness similar to a paratroopers, and was standing at the corner of a huge waterfal…More

I lived in Scotland in 1685 - Past Life Regression

I always loved Scottish bagpipe music and Scottish culture. Now I am in total love with it and know that Scotland will always be dear to me. I was 13 or 14 years old with a sister who was 12 years ol…More

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