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Heals and Builds a Good Character

Share Your Story: What My Pranic Healing Session Was Like

By Udaykumarsoumya

Why I Chose Pranic Healing Therapy

Because any one can learn this and heal for others or oneself. You can understand the whole process of praying to the God and receiving the healing. It not only heals your physical body but also heals your emotional, mental bodies. It does not have any side effects. It is natural, transparent and the most important thing is Pranic healing teaches you how to build a good character. It focuses more on humanity and Loving kindness.

About My Pranic Healing Session

I used to stay in hostel, some of my friends knew this. One day, I had severe stomach pain during menstruation cycle, I was not able to bear that. I called my friend and asked her to heal me. She did healing and immediately the pain reduced. But for some ailments it takes longer time and more sessions. It works just like other therapies depending on the nature and severity of the ailment.


  • People should understand that Pranic healers are not doctors. We heal but we may not diagnose accurately. So, if the problem is serious please contact the medical doctor and then come to Pranic healer and please continue treatment on both the sides because our Master says Pranic healing is complementary to the medicines not to replace them.
  • Nothing is perfect in the world, so if you go for both medicine and Pranic healing the rate of healing is faster. Ultimately what you need is a healthy you.
  • Try to learn Pranic healing and twin heart meditation. It is amazing, you can see the results by regular practice.

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