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Share Your Story: What My Polarity Therapy Session Was Like

By Brian

Why I Chose Polarity Therapy

I really didn't know anything about Polarity but met a practitioner and was very struck by her positive energy and caring presence. I took her card and decided to give it a try months later--I was just curious to try this out because of some instinct in me.

About My Polarity Therapy Session

I talked with the practitioner for a little while in a therapeutic way. I was able to reveal some of the issues I was dealing with. After 15 minutes or so I moved into the massage table. I was clothed. She put a blanket on me.

Her work was very gentle and relaxing -- at times it almost felt like she wasn't doing anything during the initial session but over time as I returned I felt the sessions became more powerful as I became attuned to what she was doing and able to let go more. Often I would almost go to sleep as she rocked me or stretched me or used compressions on different areas. She also would hold my head, and use pressure points. It felt like a massage but not a massage -- it was as if she were massaging my mind, and body... strange as that sounds.

In a very gentle way the bodywork opened me up to a sense of healing that made me feel both wonderful physically and also began to clear up mental and emotional blocks that were in the way of my happiness. Much of this would be resolved after the session in dreams but I have no doubt this therapy was a very powerful catalyst in me being able to initiate positive changes in my life... Some pretty drastic, wonderful changes actually -- I left an unfulfilling relationship, and a job I hated, quit smoking, I lost 30 pounds, my financial situation improved and overall I gained a new sense of connection with myself and my health.

That was about 10 years ago and I still enjoy Polarity Therapy in times of wellness or times when I'm struggling. It's my favorite complementary healthcare. I have since tried other practitioners; each brings his or her own unique spin on the work --some combine it with massage, or with psychotherapy, or other holistic modalities.

I also have taken advantage of the polarity cleansing diet which really helped me detox, and Polarity Yoga, which are simple exercises I can do on my own. I'm so grateful for the practitioners who have helped me over these years. I recommend Polarity Therapy to anyone.


  • I recommend trying 3 sessions within a 1-2 month period. This work is cumulative. The more you commit and put into it the greater results you will see, like any therapy. Of course it feels great for a single session too.
  • Also -- keep trying it til you find a practitioner who really fits your style/sensibility. Some work more deep pressure and some lighter pressure.
  • I found at a certain point I had to open myself up on the table to be healed... that the practitioner could only help me to the extent I had an attitude and openness to being helped. This is when the work took a very powerful turn for me.

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