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Pets Always Come Back

Share Your Story: Pet Reincarnation Stories

By Miller

Pets Always Come Back

My unique babygirl <3 (click on image for enlarged view)

About My Pet

I adopted an English American Bulldog about a year ago. She was 2 months old, and she had a face deformity. I loved her. She was my best friend. My babygirl, she was loyal. She protected I and my myself.

My Pet Reunion Story

Lucy passed away about 3 days ago. The same day she passed away, we had her in the shed waiting to bury her. I walked outside and there was a cat I've never seen before that was trying to climb on me and responded to my dog's name. It walked into my house and it keeps coming back.. is that my dog?


  • Pets are loyal.
  • They'll always come back!

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