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My Tuxedo Cat Came Back

Share Your Story: Pet Reincarnation Stories

By sarahcrystallin

My Tuxedo Cat Came Back

My tuxedo cat (click on image for enlarged view)

About My Pet

When I was small, maybe 7 or 8 I got a kitten that I named Socks because he had white paws. He was a tuxedo cat and I picked him out of the cat litter because he was climbing up all the furniture. He was a great cat, very smart and loving and made me laugh a lot. After I went to college he got sick and eventually my parents and I had to put him to sleep. It was so sad for us all, and afterwards I would occasionally dream about him.

My Pet Reunion Story

I had no idea about reincarnation, and last year I talked to a pet psychic because I suspected my cat had sent me a song, and she mentioned that he wasn't ready to come back yet. When she said that, it made me so happy because it had never occurred to me that he could come back! Even the thought of him coming back was enough to lift my spirits, even if it didn't actually happen. But it did happen about a year later, after I moved. The move was hard on me as I left my job, friends and family behind. So it felt like a blessing when we got a cat that was part of a litter belonging to my husband's coworker's brother. I knew right away when I saw him that this was my cat, there was no question. He is an awesome cat, a big strong silly tuxedo cat who makes me laugh. He is such a sweetie! I know he will always be with me. And I had been right about him sending me a song too! He has helped soothe me during this strange time in my life!


  • Have faith that their soul or spirit really does exist in another dimension, and they are aware of you and that you really do have a connection with them.
  • Even though we go through sadness, loss and heartbreak, there is always a silver lining and there is ultimate good and order in the universe. We all experience these things.
  • Animals are so different from humans, especially domestic pets that do not live as long as we do.
  • We will always outlive them so just appreciate them while you have time with them and let them teach you about love and commitment!

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