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My Dog Was My Husband in a Former Life

Share Your Story: Pet Reincarnation Stories

By Susieparadise

My Dog Was My Husband in a Former Life

The night before the Rainbow bridge trip

My Dog Was My Husband in a Former Life

My soulmate Jack

About My Pet

Jackson Bean was the love of my life, my soulmate. We have shared many lifetimes together. He was diagnosed with hemangiocarcinoma on 9/13/2012 and on 9/14/12 I had to put him down. With the help of animal communicator Wendy Cooper we had an hour long session, 8 hours, before he crossed! It was the most difficult death and parting I've ever experienced! I have lived a past life with Jack as my husband in the 1800's. His dog mother now was his human mother and his dog sister now was our daughter that we lost as a baby! Jack is planning a return in the spring and Debbie Johnston is helping me with that!

My Pet Reunion Story

I feel the heartache people feel when they lose a soulmate like me and Jackson Bean. It can be devastating and awareness needs to be brought to the nations! I offer this info to anyone who is seeking in any way.I am full of life, free of ego! I come from a long line of psychics and continue to developer my animal communication skills to help the shelter animals who have been dumped.


  • Please always go with your heart what resonates with you and the universe pray to your higher self for clarity.
  • Animal communicators do have a code if ethics to follow and those of you whose fur babies have returned without the help of an AC I think that is great!
  • Some of us have a life assignment or contract with our fur kids so they do return to continue our teachings!

Phylameana lila Desy, About.com Holistic Healing, says:

Susie Paradise is seeking stories for an upcoming book, you can connect with her via Facebook. She says "I am writing a book about Jack and his return, and about pet reincarnation. It will have my happily ever after in it and I'd like to have your happily ever after as well. My book will have prayer affirmations for pet reincarnations inspirational stories from people like you guys!"

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