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Earth Dogs - Pet Reincarnation

Share Your Story: Pet Reincarnation Stories

By Rhonda Braswell

Earth Dogs - Pet Reincarnation

My boy at 7 in his prime AND 15 at old age. BEAUTIFUL!

About My Pet

My BooBear, a German Rottweiller 195 lbs..

BEAUTIFUL, LOYAL, SMART. I had him from the day he was born.

He lived with me alone for 16 yrs. He was my heart and best friend. He was always by my side. I am a massage therapist so he traveled with me everywhere. He had a great life a/c dog house, when I could not take him, AND heat. He lived inside with me. He was a loner like myself. In August 2005 I woke one Sunday morning for work and he could not get up. He had back issues. I rushed Boo to the vet. She was so mean to us. All she said is that he had arthritis. I brought him home. He tried, but never got up again.

My Pet Reunion Story

He died in my arms in my massage/yoga studio in my home. I never left his side for 5 days. He tried to move and he could sit up, but not get up. I am a Reiki Master. I prayed and lit candles. Then he told me, he was dying.

This is hard for me to write and it has been 5 yrs Aug. 13th.

My friend that is a Vet.. NOT the one I took him to when all this happen. came to my home and in my arms he sedated him so I could have a few more minutes with my beloved BOOBEAR. My face was in his and I was breathing his breath, I told him that he would always live inside me until the day I die. He opened his eyes and licked my face. He died right there, WITHOUT an injection. The vet was amazed. The love in that room to date is still overwhelming.

One year after he left I was going down a dirt road to my home at 12 midnight on Christmas eve. Keep in MIND, I did not want another pet!! Out of the corner of my eye I saw a BLACK puppy, then another. Someone had dumped a brother and sister no more than 8 weeks old. I drove on by looking in the rear view they both just sat there as if to say I am here waiting on you and your love. As BLACK as he was, except for his rust chest. The pups are totally black. I pullled back and open the door, the female ran. but the male jumped into my truck AND blew my mind! My BOOBEAR would always take his paw and pat my body. WELL. the pup did just that. Do I need say anymore! I ran the female through the woods, cutting my arms and face until I caught her.

To this day they are called the EARTH DOGS, they live in his house outside in his nice big pen. I have never trained these two. But, they are the most loyal dogs. There is NO doubt in my mind or heart he returned to me through them! The things they do. BooBear would tilt his head a certain way, they both do this when they see me coming. ANOTHER thing, the night I found them I let them stay in the downstairs bathroom shower stall, they were almost straved to death. I woke the next morning TO FIND BOTH OF THEM IN THE NEXT ROOM... My massage/yoga studio. EXACTLY center of where BOOBEAR died. I broke down and knew at that moment WHAT had taken place. I Loved Him so much CAN YOU TELL? These words are true.

After 5 yrs I still grieve over my dog. I had him cremated and he is on my vanity, I wear a heart around my neck with some of his ashes. My will states when I die that we will be mixed together and spread over a farm that he lived in the prime of his life.


  • Never doubt that love can return in another form.
  • Who is to say that our God did not create reincarnation?

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