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Share Your Story: Dowsing Stories

By tcup

My Purpose for Dowsing

I've always been fascinated with dowsing and simply wanted to try it to see if it would work.

My Dowsing Story

I made my dowsing rods from metal clothes hangers. I took them out to my back yard with the intention of finding water. In several different places my rods crossed, I felt a strong pull. My back yard, it turns out, is criss-crossed with underground springs. I later took the rods to a cemetery to try to find the unmarked graves of some relatives. I knew about where they were and the rods defined the outline of the graves. When the rods find what I intend to look for, I feel a strong pull. I let my grandchildren try the rods in my back yard and they pointed to the exact same places that I found. The rods pulled so hard that they almost pulled right out of my grandson's hands. Amazing.


  • I believe that it is all in your intention. If you intend to find water, you will. I intended to find the graves and I did. It's all about intention.

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