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Reader Stories: Dowsing Stories


Stories about using pendulums, bobbers, L-rods, or other divining tools.

Tell Your Dowsing Stories

Intentional Divining

I made my dowsing rods from metal clothes hangers. I took them out to my back yard with the intention of finding water. In several different places my rods crossed, I felt a strong pull. My back yard…More

Anyone Can Learn How to Dowse

Refer to it as a still voice, a hunch or a gut feeling - whenever it starts happening you will know it's no chance! Dowsing is a routine you can use to access the intuition by means of dowsing pendul…More

Polarity Diagnosis and Therapy Solutions

I have been interested in the Bio-electromagnetic energy healing since 2006. This is brought on the successful conduct Diagnosis Electro Static through meridian points on the two palms. Although many…More

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