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Pain Free After Ortho-Bionomy Session

Share Your Story: What My Ortho-Bionomy Session Was Like

By openroadortho

Why I Chose Ortho-Bionomy

I chose to try Ortho-Bionomy as the other methods I had tried to heal my shoulder injury had failed to bring relief. All I knew was that it hurt and I wanted it to stop. I met a practitioner and she was able to tell that I was in pain and even the source of my pain from just a short interaction, so I decided to risk the cost of a session to try it. I slept well the night after the session and woke without pain.

About My Ortho-Bionomy Session

My Ortho sessions continued to bring pain relief as well as unlayering the mystery of why the pain was there. Piece by piece we unraveled the pieces of posture, daily activities, habits and patterns that contributed to the chronic pain. Ortho brought me more into my body and I became much more self-aware. Besides the pain relief and calmness of mind following the sessions, I became more engaged with my own healing.


  • Look to www.ortho-bionomy.org to find a practitioner in your area! Call and chat with them about your issues. If they seem like a good match, go for it, otherwise, try calling another. This work is so subtle and amazing, TRY IT!

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