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Share Your Story: Miracle Stories

By flamegoddess

The Miracle Event

This 'little Angel miracle' happened to me, personally, on the evening of February 6, 2010.

What Happened

On Saturday, 2/6/10, I spent the day shopping in New York City. I had been on the go all day without taking much pause - and felt rather fatigued when I arrived home approximately 7:30 PM. The first thing I do when I arrive home is take off my shoes. However, that day I wore cowboy boots with woolen socks, instead of sheer stockings as I usually do.

When I started to take the boots off, the right boot slid off without any problem. However, the left boot would not budge! The boot felt like it was actually GLUED to my foot - it would not give at all. I tried several times to slide it off with the aid of a ruler to stretch the leather, but to no avail. I became slightly panicked and then called out to the angels to please assist me - but still the boot would not budge!

After a half hour or so, I really began to panic and thought I would have to keep the boot on until Monday when I would go to a shoemaker and have them cut the boot off!

Then, as a last resort, I COMMANDED Archangel Michael to help me. I called to him out loud and said "St. Michael, you HAVE to help me!!! I said this several times and then sat back and tried to relax. I was actually afraid to try sliding the boot off again - but I took a deep breath, bent down and pulled on the heel of the boot - - and miraculously the boot slid off without any effort - - as though it were 10 sizes too big! It was then 8:10 PM. I noted the time and jotted the entire incident down on my calendar. I couldn't thank St. Michael enough - and to this day, I am still thanking him!! I have told many people about this 'little miracle' to encourage devotion to St. Michael - HE is the best!

Lessons Learned

  • This incident marked the beginning of a special devotion I have for St. Michael the Archangel, and perhaps that is why I didn't get any results from the general realm of angels until I directed my plea to St. Michael. He seemed to have beckoned me!
  • I have always believed in miracles, but never experienced any personally prior to that time.

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