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I Am a Miracle

Share Your Story: Miracle Stories

By milagros

The Miracle Event

My mother had many complications with me still in her womb. My mother had had a few miscarriages before me. The miracle happened to my parents and I.

What Happened

Doctors told my parents "we don't think she's gonna make it through the night - IF she does - it would be a miracle. She has little to zero chance." I was born 10/11/69. I have praying parents. I come from a Christian background (Pentecostal). My parents and the church family began to pray. Next day doctors came in the room, they were in total disbelief. It was a miracle!(By the way: My doctor was Jewish, Dr. Goldstein).

Lessons Learned

  • Do I believe in miracles? I am a miracle! Milagros means miracle in Spanish.
  • About Delia Knox - I knew her personal growing up, went to the same church. Yes she was in a car accident and yes there is a God in heaven that heals and delivers souls.
  • Always believing miracles happen.

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Reference to Delia Knox can be found here.

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