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Son Remembers Dying - A Child's Past Life Story

Share Your Story: Past Life Memories Told by Children

By GlitteryButterfly

About the Child

My son comes to me in the den on 5/22/04 @ 10:00 p.m. and says..."Mommy,I died when I was six" (he got my attention, so I start asking him... when , how, who... WHAT?) I wrote exactly what he said. (my questions to him are in parenthesis)

That man picked up a gun and there was blood on my cheek. He killed me down. You picked up the gun (what happened?) and the guy the killing guy picked up the gun. (what'd he do w/ the gun?) He killed me down and played with it. (how old were you?) 6, and I died. (what was your name when you died?) Ummm, I don't know. (what about mommy?) I was dead, that guy killed me and I got bloo

Child's Past Life Memory Story

(who was the guy w/ the gun ?) (what was his name) I don't know him,I don't know him mommy, I'll go check outside, but I don't have shoes, and he's not outside anymore. (so do i know the guy?) Mmm hmm, but his name is, I don't know he's a guy, a 'gaygo guy' that's what his name is, it goes and stops... stop ..go...stop...go... that's what it does.

(inside or outside?) Outside, he came inside, and got the gun, and he went outside to check and then he got me (then what?) "and he came in bedroom (and then?) he killed me, I'm scared of him" (did he knock on the door?) mm hmm and killed me down. He was a big guy (what color hair?) His hair was yellow (what did he look like) Red shirt, and what was his face? I don't know. (where were mommy and daddy?) He wasn't going to kill me, he was being nice.

(but where were mommy and daddy) In the house, daddy was in the living room. (who opened the door to let him in?) My daddy" (did he kill daddy?) Nope, he didn't, you packed our stuff and we goed. (then what?) We comed back home, and there wasn't a guy, there was another guy comed, and we loved him. (who was he?) No he didn't have a name, people didn't give his name because he's a guy and I don't know his name.

(where were mommy and daddy when the new guy came?) I don't know where he is, I opened the door and there was a little girl kitty. (did the kitty have a name?) No (did you pet her?) Yes I did pet her, I love to pet her. I don't know where the gun is, and the big guy didn't know how to get it" (where did you go after you died?) I runned and runned and runned to all the houses, to grammas to & to grampa's. (were they home) No.

(did you see any angels?) No, they're not back yet, they have to fly here, but when did I see an angel? (did you ever see god?) No I didn't, he's a fairy, and I don't know where he is, but he's a big fairy. (what's a fairy?) I don't know. The man shot hisself, I watched him do it. He killed himself in the chin, he got the gun and killed hisself. I watched him do it. ( where were you before you lived with mommy and daddy?) Where the rocks are. (what color rocks) Green and I colored them palakek. Tthere were steps and I falled down.


  • Take notes so you can research any details later.
  • Evidently "palakek" is Green slate in Hungarian. My son also told me that his daddy is an "Akoba dasso" Akoba is a city in Hungary where they used to mine slate.

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