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Share Your Story: Past Life Memories Told by Children

By Languatron

About the Child

I am the child with past life memories. I was born into this present life on December 30, 1964.

Child's Past Life Memory Story

I have (and have always had, even as a small child)) vivid memories of being a successful business man in the fall of 1957. The company and/or corporation that I worked for sent me to a city in the fall of 1957, and put me up in a high rise hotel in the fall of 1957, in order to sell insurance or something else within the territory that I was assigned to. I believe the city was Cincinnati, Ohio.

I have memories of the high rise, hotel room that my employer placed me in. As you walked in the hotel room door, the wall and dresser was to your immediate left. The bathroom was along the same wall further back to your left. The bed and night stand was in the center of the room from the vantage point of walking in the front door, and a large window was to the immediate right of the bed as you walked in the front door of the hotel room.

I remember wearing a three piece suit and a rain coat, placing my fedora and briefcase at the foot of the bed, and then looking out the window at all of the bright lights in the city. It was night time. My hotel room room must have been 15 stories up.

My immediate memory after that was being a small child in the back seat of my family's car, heading back to Illinois from somewhere, and passing thru Cincinnati, Ohio on our way home to Illinois from where ever. Passing over a hill towards Cincinnati, Ohio at night time, and seeing all of the bright lights. This triggered the memory within me of being a business man of some sort in a previous life, looking over the bright lights of Cincinnati in that hotel room.


  • I have no advice to give.
  • My memories are vivid and real.

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