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Reader Stories: Past Life Memories Told by Children


Share Posts - Young children often speak about when they were "bigger" or when they lived somewhere that they haven't, or share details about things they could not possibly know about. These story tellings may very well be clues to their past lives. Read the stories as told by children.

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I Would See Things Others Could Not See

When I was a child i would see things that others could not see. I would be fine one minute and the next I would be screaming telling my mother to get the crocodiles and spiders away from me. I would…More

Son Remembers Previous Death

Laying in the bed one night with my son he suddenly said "Mama don't die. I died once and it was sad." I asked him what happened. He said a stick from a tree hit him. I asked where and he pointed to …More

My Daughter Talks About Her Other Family

My child states that she died in a car accident on US1. She can remember sitting on the side of the road watching the paramedics working on her and her family. She also says that her bother died as w…More

Heart Beating

One day while we were watching TV, my son looked up at me and said mama I saw your heart beating. At this time he was 4 yrs. old. I said to him, you did, he said yeah, and it was beating really fast,…More

A Child's Night Terrors

When I was younger I suffered from dreams about being a girl with blonde short hair, and a green army uniform (with skirt) and I had a messenger bag. I would see darkness and then I heard explosions,…More

A Child's Night Terrors

My mum tells me of how when I was younger, I used to have awful night terrors even before I could speak. Once I could speak (I guess around 3?) my mum asked me what was wrong and I would talk about s…More

My Son Remembers Dying in a Fire

My little boy who is know 4, said when he was 3 he had a different mummy and daddy when he was another baby. He carried on to tell me he lived a long time ago and survived a fire, he had a sister who…More

Tall Tales

My son is 5 years old. He often says that his uncle shot his dog (we haven't ever had a dog). He said this the other night, so I said you must have had a dream - he said no not this family, my second…More

Memories of Living in Cincinnati

I have (and have always had, even as a small child)) vivid memories of being a successful business man in the fall of 1957. The company and/or corporation that I worked for sent me to a city in the f…More

Remembers Details About the Titantic

A couple of years after, when I was twelve, I woke up with the distinct feeling of a rocking ship. I was laying in my bed, on solid floor, on solid ground, but it felt as if i was on a rocking ship. …More

LoraLei's Memories

The other day at lunch the other kids had finished eating and it was just LoraLei and me sitting at the table. She looked at me and said, "You're not my mom. My mother's name is (and I can't recall w…More

My Three Year Old Grandson Recalls Past Life Death

One day while I and 2 others were having a conversation, my little grandson was behind us sitting on a step. I immediately stopped talking and listened to him because he was looking down in his lap a…More

Kindergartner Struggles with Learning Alphabet

When my daughter was in kindergarten, she had the hardest time with letters. Mixed up B's with V's and H's with N's, for a few. Her teacher didn't know how such letters could be mixed up, and neither…More

Four Year Old Daughter Asks to Go Home

My daughter told me she wanted to go home. Of course, I asked her where 'home' was. She told me her family lived by the water before the waves came. I asked her what happened after the waves came. Sh…More

My Son Remembers Being in a War

My son says he was injured and lost his leg. He also had an extreme interest in science and medicine. He loves to watch medical documentaries and explains to me how he was once a doctor. Another thin…More

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