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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: Past Life Memories Told by Children


Share Posts - Young children often speak about when they were "bigger" or when they lived somewhere that they haven't, or share details about things they could not possibly know about. These story tellings may very well be clues to their past lives. Read the stories as told by children.

I Would See Things Others Could Not See

When I was a child i would see things that others could not see. I would be fine one minute and the next I would be screaming telling my mother to get the crocodiles and spiders away from me. I would…More

My Indigo Child

When my son was 4, I was making him a PB&J sandwich one day for lunch. He said to me, "Thats not how my other mommy used to make my sandwiches, she did them differently."A few days later he told how …More

Remembers Details About the Titantic

A couple of years after, when I was twelve, I woke up with the distinct feeling of a rocking ship. I was laying in my bed, on solid floor, on solid ground, but it felt as if i was on a rocking ship. …More

LoraLei's Memories

The other day at lunch the other kids had finished eating and it was just LoraLei and me sitting at the table. She looked at me and said, "You're not my mom. My mother's name is (and I can't recall w…More

My Three Year Old Grandson Recalls Past Life Death

One day while I and 2 others were having a conversation, my little grandson was behind us sitting on a step. I immediately stopped talking and listened to him because he was looking down in his lap a…More

Kindergartner Struggles with Learning Alphabet

When my daughter was in kindergarten, she had the hardest time with letters. Mixed up B's with V's and H's with N's, for a few. Her teacher didn't know how such letters could be mixed up, and neither…More

Four Year Old Daughter Asks to Go Home

My daughter told me she wanted to go home. Of course, I asked her where 'home' was. She told me her family lived by the water before the waves came. I asked her what happened after the waves came. Sh…More

My Son Remembers Being in a War

My son says he was injured and lost his leg. He also had an extreme interest in science and medicine. He loves to watch medical documentaries and explains to me how he was once a doctor. Another thin…More

Son Remembers Past Life Friend

My son is 7 years old now but I remember when he was 3 or so he was on a rock pile and held a rock above his head and yelled "Leave my friends alone." But, nobody was there. Kinda bugged me but since…More

Mommy, I remember being in your belly...

She sat at her little table in a little chair looking up at the sky through our floor to ceiling windows, a common design in San Francisco houses.I kept an eye on her still tiny form, little chin til…More

Young Son Says He Is Going Back to His Real Parents At Midnight

Well, just a few things were mentioned, but none the less, very interesting. He was barely able to talk, he was about 2 yrs old. He was continually saying to us that he was going to go back to his re…More

Mommy, I Died

When my daughter was 3 or 4 years old, she came up to me one day and said 'Mommy, I died.' Of course I asked her questions and she told me that her sisters and brother called her Imp and that she had…More

My 3yo Son Remembers Past Life as a Woman

"When I was a woman I died, then I was a baby again, and I was me, and I has you and daddy."I asked him questions about this. His responses are in parentheses. How did you die? (He did not answer) W…More

Daughter Describes Egyptian Pyramids

My daughter used to dream about the Egyptian pyramids. It wasn't until the age of 8 that she truly could describe the inside of Pharaohs' tombs in great adjective detail. She used to describe the won…More

Siblings Recall Past Lives

When my daughter was 4 years old I remember her saying this with a sad face. "I remember when Daddy was my baby and I was his Mommy and we were walking across the street and a car hit us and we died.…More

4 Year Boy Says He Misses His Old Mom

I remember my little brother would suddenly blurt out that he missed his old mom. He would repeat this several times during the week. I would ask him what happened to his mom and he would get sad and…More

Crystal Child Daughter

She insists that she is a boy and that once she was my mother. She indicates that her last incarnation was a boy who died in a car accident when he was 1. She also remembers the time between lives. S…More

Old Man Nephew - A Child's Past Life Story

For nearly as long as he could talk my nephew has been referring to himself as an old man. His great granda (my granda) died 2 years before he was born and he talks about knowing him and how when my …More

Shark Attacked Me - A Child's Past Life Story

As a kid I had a recurring dream about a shark attack. I think I had those dreams when I was between 3-5 years old. Since the memory from womb was also bugging me during that period (it bothered me b…More

Son Remembers Dying - A Child's Past Life Story

(who was the guy w/ the gun ?) (what was his name) I don't know him,I don't know him mommy, I'll go check outside, but I don't have shoes, and he's not outside anymore. (so do i know the guy?) Mmm hm…More

My Mom Remembers - A Child's Past Life Story

Another experience I've had as a child that I would like to learn more about is on one occasion, I suddenly started screaming and freaking out. When my mother asked what was wrong, I told her to take…More

Daughter Remembers Drowning - A Child's Past Life Story

I know my mouth must've fallen open!! So, I asked her to explain what she meant. She said, "I was in the boat, hit my head and fell in the water. I kept falling and falling, but then I went to God." …More

Dream Memories - A Child's Past Life Story

I was hiding away in an attic with a 2 yr. old child in a crib. Though I looked a little different. A man came in who I was frantic to see, the child's father. I have identified him in my life now, b…More

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