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Multiple Lucid Dreams

Share Your Story: Lucid Dreaming

By Lil dreams

What Lucid Dreaming Means to Me

Lucid dreaming is an amazing experience that for most is a once in a lifetime experience. Not for me though! :)

My Lucid Dream Experiences

My first lucid dream was I noticed pink clouds that looked a bit like candyfloss and I did a reality check and got excited and woke up! My second one was where I for some reason realized I was dreaming, paralyzed a ton of people, turned into a mermaid, flew and woke up. My third lucid dream I did a check and then manifested The Doctor :) I then realized how strong the power of it and asked to talk to God. Then a giant wooden car appeared. My fourth which I had last night, was I was talking to my sister about lucidity and did a reality check. I then burst through the ceiling and began flying over amazing scenery.

Tips and Tricks

  • Have a dream journal to improve dream recall.
  • Do reality checks frequently during the day to increase the chance of you doing them in a dream.
  • Read lots on the Internet. Your subconscious will soon realize you want to have one.

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