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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: Lucid Dreaming


Reader Submissions - Readers share their lucid dream experiences and also give tips to help others who want to learn how to become lucid dreamers.

It Feels So Real

I once felt like I was awake and was so terrified that I didn't want to open my eyes so I stayed still and I feel something moving across my pillow and a piece of my hair is lifted up. And when I tri…More

Focus on Positive Dreams

I used dream of the town I currently live in.. I also dreamed I was married to the same person who is my ex now. Funny I never dream about my children or having any children because I have two beauti…More

Intrigued by Lucid Dreams

I started in my yard running with my friends then realizing we ran through the night. We all rode to school and poof I was at my house again. I realized that I was so tired I had to get to sleep. Tha…More

Exhilarating Lucid Dream

My lucid dream started with me walking alongside the flowing river of Vail Colorado, walking alongside the banks of the river with snow surrounding me, and what seemed to be an endless snow-patched …More

Symbolic Lucid Dreams Come True

Some of my lucid dreams are beautiful wherein I experience the things that I missed out in life. Some dreams warn me about things or people that are doing wrong to me. I have also met dead family mem…More

Lucid Dreaming is Like Changing the Channel

My most vivid nightmare of someone breaking into my room as a child and me awaking but not able to move. I realize I am sleeping and try to scream but nothing comes out or no one heard me.Having had …More

Switching Channels - Lucid Dreaming

Many of my dreams are nightmares, either on boats that are sinking or flipping over, water related, narrow roads that are on cliff edges, planes crashing close to my home, tidal waves and tornadoes. …More

In the Details - Lucid Dreaming

One time I was in a house with some kids watching TV when I became aware of furniture details around me which had a very strange design, at that moment I realize that couldn’t be a reality and …More

My Lucid Dreams Are in Black and White - Lucid Dreaming

I once met with my ex boyfriend in a dream, about a year after we'd split up. He was on his bed, everything was in shades of grey and I felt he was really miserable but I couldn't do anything to help…More

Set Your Intention Before You Sleep - Lucid Dreaming

I had a repetitive nightmare where a man was chasing me laughing hideously. He never caught up with me but I would always wake from these dreams feeling absolutely terrified. One night, I woke up fro…More

Fun Awareness - Lucid Dreaming

I am not very good at lucid dreaming, but yeah I am aware that I am dreaming and continue with that awareness.It is fun. You can control. You can be whatever you want.You can do what you always wante…More

Escaping a Nightmare - Lucid Dreaming

In a recurring dream (nightmare) I was always being chase up a tree. What chased me was sometimes different. A bully from the school yard, a wild animal, or a scary monster of some kind. But it alway…More

Reprogramming Wake Up Time - Lucid Dreaming

I have had excellent results reprograming my wake up time by stating my intention to my subconscious mind (or higher self) the night before. I thank it for waking me just before the alarm rings, and …More

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