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Share Your Story: Lightworkers

By Michelle

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker

I was working one day and the word LIGHTWORKER kept showing it self to me quietly in my mind. It wouldn't leave me alone and so when I got home that day I looked up "What is a lightworker?" I could not believe what I was reading, it described me down to a tee. I feel upset and can't watch the news because of all the hurt and destruction around the world. I can walk into a room or meet people and instantly know all about them, I know their moods and feel very drained a lot when constantly around people. When people tell me their pain I feel it to and want to help them, and need a lot of alone time to recharge.

About My Light Path

I have only just become aware that I am a lightworker, and now I understand why I say and do things. I feel that my path is a one-on-one path. Sometimes I will tell people what I believe and I know beforehand if they can accept it or not . . if they are open to it. Some people feel drawn to me and ask questions of their own. The joy and peace I see in them when we have been talking is amazing. It makes my heart swell with joy. They keep coming back to me and wanting to talk more about it. I am not meant to make big things happen just one at a time. I always used to say that I had twice as much compassion but I never knew till now just how right I was.

I am still unsure at this moment in time about how or what I should do to fully do my work here. But I ask for help and guidance everyday and they are so good at putting answers right in front of my face so I don't miss them, I know that I will understand how to move forward when the time is right.


  • Don't be scared of who you are. Ask for guidance, you have such a big support network behind and they are there to help you do you work here.
  • Trust your intuiton
  • Remember to be humble in your knowledge of who you truely are.
  • Simply love.

My Special Talents

Recieving messages from my Angels and Guides.

Being able to instantly read a person, it has been most valuable in my life and it helps me to see life from their eyes. Which in turn helps me to know what they need and how to help them in a way they will understand.

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