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Share Your Story: Lightworkers

By jstknow

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker

Where do I start? I never felt I belonged here. I've always been extremely sensitive to others feelings, etc. I know what people are thinking and feeling just being around them for a few seconds. My problem is: Am I just extremely intuitive? Or, am I possibly a lightworker? I know through the years I've been told by people that I was 'too' cheerful, that many couldn't understand how I could feel so much joy for the earth, its beauty, down to the littlest flower on the ground. How I am so curious about everything.

About My Light Path

I am not involved in a physical healing career, but I am a listener. If others ask questions from me I just quickly start telling them things that many have said changed their life. When I talk to them I don't always remember everything I said but they'll say I was accurate. This might sound weird but when people have been upset in the past I felt like if I just put my hand on their head and say a prayer it could heal them. I have felt this way since I can remember, about age 3. I feel like I just want everyone to be happy and healthy, with unconditional love. People tell me that is "wishful thinking."

Don't get me wrong, I do not live in a bubble. I have had a very hard life, and made tons of mistakes! But even as I get older the 'core' of who I am hasn't changed. I've also had a near death experience years ago, but I was like this before that happened. Anything spiritual, I study it. I feel like I am always searching for people who are 'like me.' I have brief moments of meeting others who believe and feel like I do, but then they're gone. I would love to meet someone now who has had a similar life like mine and feels like I do. Just so I know I am not alone on this.

As for 'when I discovered my light path' I feel I am still discovering and that's what this is all about. But helping others along the way to come onto this path. Like an "Earth Guide" for the ones off the beaten path. If there were no lightworkers out there I believe more people would feel lost and that is not why we are here. We just have to keep helping each other, learning and growing.


  • Number one. Do not give up!
  • We are all here for a reason and even if you feel alone in your beliefs or feelings just know that you are not.
  • Let the negative energies bounce off you. You have no idea how strong you are.
  • Meditate to connect.
  • Lightworkers are so needed especially now. Our spirits are vibrating faster and this has been coming on for years. If you might have noticed everyone running around like they are going to a fire. There IS a reason for this! But many don't know why this is happening. Our physical bodies are trying to adjust to our spirits' faster energy. So, people more than ever need Lightworkers.

My Special Talents

Being a good listener. Very intuitive. Give good advice ( I'm not even sure where it comes from sometimes) I am a healer. Very creative, especially writing. Love to grow plants.

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