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11:11 Lightworker

Share Your Story: Lightworkers

By Arie

Why I Believe I am a Lightworker

My Journey to discovering I Am a Lightworker began began one night when I accompanied my mother and her friend to the airport. As I was waiting in the car, SOMETHING (which now I understand was my intuition at the time) told me (more like an URGE) to check the time, so I checked my iPhone and the time was exactly 11:11pm. Strangely, this feeling came over me, and I felt URGED to Google the time 11:11, so I DID!

The first site I came across explained that I AM A LIGHTWORKER

And till this very day (this happened a year ago) I See the # 11 EVERYWHERE, mostly on License plates, but 11 often catches my attention.

About My Light Path

I have never been a very sociable individual, but I've recently discovered that I have such passion for sharing my knowledge with others, showing them that life is so MAGICAL and WONDERFUL if only you will forget about "THE WORLD".

I truly bring myself joy whenever I share TRUTH with my fellow beings, and honestly since discovering I am a lightworker and HAVE EMBRACED IT (please don't run from it) . My life HAS CHANGED FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL!

I say ALL because When I GIVE MYSELF the life of my dreams, and share "the secret" with everyone who wants to hear it, I "LEAD BY EXAMPLE" I show everyone how they can LIVE their perfect life, free of worries, doubt, free, and full of LOVE, Light, and Abundance of everything!

It's VERY IMPORTANT for YOU to UNDERSTAND that YOU (MUST) LOVE yourself FIRST, don't get into ANY RELATIONSHIP (Partnership, friendship) EXPECTING that Person to MAKE YOU HAPPY or LOVE YOU!

**YOU ARE the [ONLY] person on this earth who can MAKE ""YOU"" HAPPY**

EVERY and any time we get into/long for a relationship we always expect that person to: Make us happy, know automatically what we are wanting/ thinking, to everything we tell them to do THE EXACT WAY WE WANT THEM TO DO IT!

Notice how EVERY TIME we've ever relied on others to make us happy, or show us our own beauty/ worth THEY ALWAYS FAIL US!!!!!!!!! This is because ONLY WE ARE IN CHARGE OF MAKING OURSELVES HAPPY!!!!!! Think about this seriously .

THE SOLUTION TO ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS IS THIS: Love Yourself First, really build a solid relationship with YOURSELF, learn who you are, what do you like? what brings you happiness? WHAT ARE YOU DREAMS?

We spend TOO much time thinking of the wrong things! When you ask the time to get to know who you are and what you life, and where you want to go.... you can THEN do the following with EASE:

1. Act on everything based on WHERE YOU ARE GOING IN LIFE (where you want to go, who you want to: be, do, or have)

2. Figure out what you're passionate about (start with LIFE) and what moves, motivates, and excites you.

Once you begin to TRULY love yourself, then THE WORLD WILL LOVE YOU!



  • Here are some books that have really taught me a lot through my path so far: The Secret, The Magic, and The Power by Rhonda Bryne, Living in the light by Shakti Gawain, Think and grow rich, The master Key System
  • Majority of my knowledge comes from Google searches as well.

My Special Talents

I sing.
I Love LOVE.
I'm Funny.
I Have SWAG and a great sense of fashion

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