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Many Wishes - Vision Board

Share Your Story: Vision Boards

By Allerame

Many Wishes - Vision Board

Vision Board

What I Wish to Manifest

I have many wishes and I believe that all of them will become true:

  • To grow spiritually.
  • To be creative and successful artist.
  • To buy a house.
  • To travel.
  • To find a perfect match.
  • To have good friends.
I have many other wishes. All of them I put on my vision board.

About My Vision Board - LOA Stories and Pictures

I took a few magazines and used the pictures that I liked and any that felt like one of my goals. On every picture I wrote out my wish! When I did it I found out that I have a lot of wishes so I tried to group them under main ones. After my vision board had been created I meditated on every subject. I have put my vision board in my bedroom and almost every morning I am looking at it and smiling. Some of the wishes already came true, others I am still working on.

Lessons Learned

  • I do believe that you can attract things that you want to.
  • You just need to release your wish to the Universe and one day it will become true.
  • Don't forget to be bright, happy and balanced person who is always ready to help others if it is possible!
  • Share love and happiness with all the world!

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