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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: Vision Boards


Share Posts - Photos of vision boards along with stories from readers about applying the "law of attraction" to attract abundance, careers, relationships, and more goodness into their lives.

Vision Change Within Yourself

I wish to manifest enough money to be wealthy. With my new found wealth I will purchase my dream home, car, business along with investments; but most of all I will help people less fortunate than mys…More

Health and Inner Peace Wishes

My vision board is clean because it makes me feel calm and happy. I put Portia and Ellen on there because they seem like beautiful, intelligent people and they have inspired me to become a vegan. Dak…More

Visioning My Dream House

This picture shows the house that I am praying for, nothing grand, just a lovely size for my husband and my 5 gorgeous kids, even the ones that have left home and come home for holidays. I just want …More

My Frame of Vision

My frame of vision is for my personal prosperity and to my friends, believers: Thank you universe for my life. I attract gay people and true. My family is always together. I have wonderful people aro…More

Many Wishes - Vision Board

I took a few magazines and used the pictures that I liked and any that felt like one of my goals. On every picture I wrote out my wish! When I did it I found out that I have a lot of wishes so I trie…More

My Goals Begin with Desire

I see myself well, healthy, and strong. There is a great community to support me to help me reach my God given goals. I know that through this journey there have been many obstacles, health, transpor…More

Magic Creek

At eighteen again I asked for certain type of home and a big lot with trees and a little stream. Only this time I demanded it. I applied for a job 35 years ago that only hired men for the position. W…More

PowerPoint Vision Board

I created this vision board in PowerPoint, using it as a wallpaper on my computer. Images are easily changed as I attract the success I want with just a few clicks and free images from the web. I've …More

My Forever Home - Vision Board

I have a log cabin with a fire pit outside and a porch the length of the back of the house. A large stone fireplace takes up most of one wall in the living room. My bedroom is soothing and serene wit…More

Steady Strides - Vision Board

I already knew about the law of attraction several years before The Secret made its big splash in the media through both the book and movie. Before I had ever heard about "vision boards" I already ha…More

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