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Reader Stories: Vision Boards


Share Posts - Photos of vision boards along with stories from readers about applying the "law of attraction" to attract abundance, careers, relationships, and more goodness into their lives.

Share Your Vision Board

Amazing and Powerful

My original board had pictures of Hawaii, NYC, Vegas, Hollywood, and DC in 18 months I'd manifested all of those, and most of those trips were free! I also had pictures of a Louis bag, and Loubutin s…More

Always Believe

My vision board pictures really inspire me. They make me feel exited like it's happening right now. I took them from the internet using various sites that have amazing inspiring pictures. I did it in…More

Vision Board on Back of Door

This is me and what I love and hope to achieve in life.This board tells a story, a story that one day my life will tell. One of struggle and triumph over adversity, one of positivity and light, one o…More

Create a Life You Love

I printed off pictures from the Internet, just Google and find exactly the image you need. I even found a picture of a "to do list" holding onto a pen with a smile on it's face! Some things I found i…More

Wishes for Happiness

My vision reflects on what I want in my life. My son is my motivation. He has been on my mind ever since the day he was born to the day I left him from my divorce. My dream car makes me want to feel …More

Life to the Fullest

These are still about to happen and I claim them from the Universe, hopefully within this year. I have desired to make a vision board long ago but I keep on forgetting and changing my desires. Althou…More

My Dream Home

I started my vision board a couple of months ago. I have found the perfect spot right above my computer in my home office and I have pictures of all the items that I want to manifest including trips …More

Vision Change Within Yourself

I wish to manifest enough money to be wealthy. With my new found wealth I will purchase my dream home, car, business along with investments; but most of all I will help people less fortunate than mys…More

Health and Inner Peace Wishes

My vision board is clean because it makes me feel calm and happy. I put Portia and Ellen on there because they seem like beautiful, intelligent people and they have inspired me to become a vegan. Dak…More

Visioning My Dream House

This picture shows the house that I am praying for, nothing grand, just a lovely size for my husband and my 5 gorgeous kids, even the ones that have left home and come home for holidays. I just want …More

My Frame of Vision

My frame of vision is for my personal prosperity and to my friends, believers: Thank you universe for my life. I attract gay people and true. My family is always together. I have wonderful people aro…More

Many Wishes - Vision Board

I took a few magazines and used the pictures that I liked and any that felt like one of my goals. On every picture I wrote out my wish! When I did it I found out that I have a lot of wishes so I trie…More

My Goals Begin with Desire

I see myself well, healthy, and strong. There is a great community to support me to help me reach my God given goals. I know that through this journey there have been many obstacles, health, transpor…More

Magic Creek

At eighteen again I asked for certain type of home and a big lot with trees and a little stream. Only this time I demanded it. I applied for a job 35 years ago that only hired men for the position. W…More

PowerPoint Vision Board

I created this vision board in PowerPoint, using it as a wallpaper on my computer. Images are easily changed as I attract the success I want with just a few clicks and free images from the web. I've …More

My Forever Home - Vision Board

I have a log cabin with a fire pit outside and a porch the length of the back of the house. A large stone fireplace takes up most of one wall in the living room. My bedroom is soothing and serene wit…More

Steady Strides - Vision Board

I already knew about the law of attraction several years before The Secret made its big splash in the media through both the book and movie. Before I had ever heard about "vision boards" I already ha…More

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