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Cycles of Life - Healing Poem

Share Your Story: Healing Poems

By Judy

Title of Poem

Cycles of Life

My Inspiration

The title "Cycles of Life" says it all!

My Original Poem

In this life we must all learn to bend a little
It matters not he who does the bending.
We are all forced to play the game of give and take.
It matters not the taking or the giving,
For, in cycles, Life presents us a ticket on the next ride
Up or down, we learn as we do the riding.

I see them down while I am up and sailing
I see them cry when I am pausing in my laughter.
It is my moment now to reach down within me.
And note their moment and their sense of being.

I must learn from each and every turning
I must understand the gravity of earth life,
The constant pull that keeps me spinning
Toward what I cannot change nor alter.

In one more trip around the sun now,
One more piece of time expending
I must learn that in my own space given
That good and bad, life and death are blending

My own and others...It is a true unyielding
So at the end of this business we call living
A business fraught with dangers and good moments

I want to say that I was more on the giving
I did learn from all that made me bending
To be a little better for the bruising
To see ahead a Cycle filled with learning
And to know that I can go on loving.

Lessons Learned

  • Lesson in Acceptance
  • Lesson in Flexibility
  • Lesson in Love

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