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By dimondminer

Channeling Anger into Beauty - Healing Art

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Channeling Anger into Beauty - Healing Art

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About My Healing Art

I use art to take the energy produced by anger to create something beautiful. I also channel extra energy away from me to keep extra energy from forming into a seizure. I know this sounds wacky but it works pretty well.

My "Inner Artist" Process

I begin with a sky, then paint mountains and streams. I also love to do desert scenes too. But what I really like to do is birds. Here I go get pictures of birds from calendars. Then I place them into a scene I like to see.

Lessons Learned

  • I love my finished pieces. I am amazed at how well they turn out since I haven't taken art lessons.
  • I have started by watching Bob Ross though.
  • The lessons I have learned about painting is it allows you to escape all the seriousness of the world.
  • While in the process of painting I lose myself in it and lose my problems too.

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