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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: Healing Art


Share Posts - Readers share personal stories about using art as a healing therapy. Also shown are photos of their art sketches, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, crafts, sewing projects, etc

Spirit Bird

This particular piece was a commission. I connected with my client's energy and intuitively gathered information and imagery for her. So for this piece, the process consisted of listening to her ener…More

Divine Birth and Creation

Through these works I remain connected to my daughter who is no more in my physical world. I get a feel of strong spiritual connection when I am drawing the lotus flower with the unborn foetus. Till …More

Energized Healing Jewelry

Before I work with my materials I cleansed them in a moon bath under a full moon.While I am creating my jewelry, I envision the white healing universal energy passing through my hands into the stones…More

Creative Journey

I usually start my painting sessions with an intention and ask for inner guidance, I prepared my canvas and observe the canvas until it reveals lines or forms, then I know what to do, it simply flows…More

Chakra Consciousness

I was on vacation from work in 2008 and all of a sudden decided to buy some 8x10 canvases and start painting. I already had brushes and paints of all kinds, so it was just a matter of going with the …More

Red Poppy

I have to find a flower with beauty and color. There has to be a connection between my mind and my heart. There has to be excitement in taking the picture and sharing it. I used a Cannon 30D SLR with…More


I connect with myselfI choose my musicsoulfulupliftingtranscendentalI stretch in all directionsbreathing deepthrough resistanceletting it all goI look around my studio and am gratefulfor all that I a…More

Waxed Linen Basket

Focus. What I have found is that when you focus on something then other things fade away. For me that is discomfort. My muscles do not relax at any time so they cause pain and discomfort for me. I fo…More

Glass Art Paintings

Whenever I feel appreciation for somebody a vision of a picture comes to mind, then I paint. I paint on glass. The picture is done on the backside and then when you turn it over there it is. There ar…More

Inner Child Healing Cards

My drawings were created after I asked one of my inner children if she would tell me about an early part of my life that I don’t recall. When I was an infant, my parents got sick and could no l…More

Painted Journeys

I see inner pictures, energy in metaphors and symbol, and waking/sleeping dreams. This often has been the beginnings of a piece. Then I continue by working intuitively, following a flow and listening…More

Dream State

I like to draw from a memory of a dream or something I have experienced. It starts out as this idea in my head and then evolves into something else. I never know exactly what will come to me as I wor…More

Sleeping Goddess

My Sleeping Goddess was started as a simple figure 8 on the page. I used a yellow pastel and drew it over and over again. I knew that I wanted an image of a person, a glowing energy body. And as I wo…More

Abstract Mind

Letting go. A spiritual walk through life has bought me here. The mother of all earths has inspired me and God has allowed her to. This Web site has helped me to open up and share what I've been taug…More

Sketch Pad Therapy - Healing Art

I gather my sketch pad/art journal, bright colors (water color pencils, brush markers and fineline markers), sometimes a few quotes that seem to fit the situation and create a bright journal page. So…More

Intuitive Art - Healing Art

When I'm painting, my artwork is meditative and transcendental. I have no preconceived idea of what I'll be painting but instead I allow the energy to direct my brush. It all happens in the moment as…More

Patchwork Heart - Healing Art

Artistic process for healing. I began a journey of painting to reveal what was lying beneath my conscious awareness last year. It was a wonderful experience as each new layer was revealed. Before pai…More

Channeling Anger into Beauty - Healing Art

I begin with a sky, then paint mountains and streams. I also love to do desert scenes too. But what I really like to do is birds. Here I go get pictures of birds from calendars. Then I place them int…More

Self Reflections - Healing Art

This process started when I first decided to make a lifestyle change. I needed to find a connection, and figure out what it was that I came here to do. I wanted to know what it was inside of me that …More

Exorcising Feelings with Paint - Healing Art

I wait for a feeling or image to come to me that cannot be expressed any other way, then I sketch it quickly in pencil or pastels, so that I can't lose it. Then I paint it in acrylics. If the inspira…More

Angel of Hope - Angels of Clarity - Healing Art

I usually feel a strong pull to gather my materials though I have no idea what the painting will look like or even what colors I will use. I simply begin with a color and watch the forms take shape, …More

Quilt Scrapbook - Healing Art

On Christmas Day when mom's stack of quilts were being distributed among her clan members I overheard my husband ask her if she had ever taken photos of all her quilts. Her quick answer was "Oh, heav…More

Glass Bead Necklace - Healing Art

I also bead anything that is still long enough. I have been holding circle (group gatherings for prayer and healings) in my home for several years now. I teach about the medicine wheel, the spiral an…More

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