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Lazy Yogi - Healing Blog

Share Your Story: Holistic Healing Blogs

By Liudmila

Lazy Yogi - Healing Blog

Liudmila Ferrara

About Me and Why I Blog

I'm an ex-teacher of foreign languages. I married an Italian and I could not find job in my new country, and so became the possibility to coltivate the things I like but never had time to do, because too busy with puplis and translations.

I began to practice Buddhismus/Bon, Hatha Yoga, passed much time studying plants and semiprecious stones. Sometimes my friends and relatives asked me, what could they do when they had problems with health and did not want to take tabs. I began to write about my experiences.

What I Write About in My Blog

I write about alternative healing techniques. My blog is an overview of different possibilities to cure ourselves with natural medicines and energies of our body. That is why there are many posts about yoga, meditations, etc. Now I have a special blog about the semiprecious stones too.


  • My blogging advice is to write about the real experiences of the person.
  • Do not think the readers are idiots, anyone who is interested in such themes are persons of acute intelligence.

Name of My Blog

Lazy Yogi

URL of My Blog


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