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Explore Meditation - Healing Blog

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By explore_meditation

Explore Meditation - Healing Blog

Nigel Coates

Explore Meditation - Healing Blog


About Me and Why I Blog

I kept opening doors in my imagination that led to amazing places. I felt like an explorer in uncharted territory! I knew I had to document what I was finding for I was fearful the next great experience would overshadow the last and the lessons-learned would be nothing more than a fading memory. I started by sharing my spiritual revelations with friends, but was so encouraged by their genuine interest and desire to better understand the esoteric I went global. My blog allows me to venture to these new lands and push past all that I know to be true - on the quest to serve others with a new thought well explained.

What I Write About in My Blog

I have the big broad banner of Spiritual Growth to wave proudly. This gives me a broad scope - in that I live the life I choose and write about what excites me. Meditation is the key that unlocks the doors, so I definitely cover different ways to meditate effectively in our busy world. Some posts give simple exercises to do while others are more theoretical in nature. Theory and practice must work hand in hand for spiritual growth. What others have documented about reincarnation is beyond my grasp, so I reference the masters and raise issues to consider. Specialized energy workers who use color to heal chakras see more than I, so I reference and explain.

I do get a greater response from the 'I went camping for 3 days, sat on a rock, and had a great realization', styled posts though.

And as there are many beginners, or those who struggle with traditional meditation, I often promote Guided Meditations. The blog links to some of the best available on the net. (I have a free one for anyone who subscribes to my posts)

What will I write about tomorrow... Not sure yet :)


  • Jot down brilliant ideas as they come to you. If you sit in front of your computer hours later and try to remember them... you won't.
  • Write from the heart. The writing should be the bit you enjoy the most. The rest of your promotional efforts is just support work for your words.
  • Don't hit 'post' as soon as you are done writing. Check your story the following day with a fresh perspective. Another 5 minutes tweaking a few key points can make a world of difference.

Name of My Blog

Explore Meditation for Spiritual Growth

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