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Share Your Story: Psychic Consultation Experiences

By maria

Why I Consulted with a Psychic

I was an emotional state of mind when I first sought out a psychic. It seemed like for my husband and I nothing was going right.

About My Reading

So I found this psychic on Main Street in Union Gap, Washington and she read me the cards. I was impressed by what each card stated. But then towards the end she mentioned that my husband and I were cursed by a person whom had so much hate wanted me sick and my husband dead. But never in my life did I expect what was to happen next. I trusted this lady so much that I poured out my heart and soul to her. I used everything that I had in my savings and went as far to take out of my retirement because of all the promises she said would happen. All I wanted was for my husband and me to be okay. Well this lady took more than $15k from me and still has the nerve to call to ask for more money for my protection.


  • Please do not trust psychic Paula, she is a greater reader but that's it.
  • Talk to someone about your problems first whether at church or those closest to you before you seek a psychic.
  • I don't wish this on anyone else. Especially if you are someone like me whom is trying to make it through these difficult times.

Were you satisfied or disappointed?

I am so disappointed it hurts so bad that some one could take you for a ride like this. It's like my boss tells me you choose your path and make it the best or worst ever. Boy was he right.

Would you consider another session in the future?

No. Absolutely not.

Name of the Psychic (optional)


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