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The Bible and Suicide

Reader Stories: Sacred Spaces in Nature


Share Posts - Readers share photos and tell about places in nature where they feel safe and loved. This is where they retreat to for solace or connect with their deepest emotions or spiritual yearnings.

My Sacred Space is Within

It is filled with so much peace, serenity, calm spirit and love. This is the place where the real magic happens. It is the location of the internal seed of all existence; and the place where the mast…More

Medicine Wheel Garden in Maine

At the entrance of the walking path to the 40' diameter medicine wheel garden is an arbor surrounded by wildflowers. Hummingbirds and butterflies zing about in the west where red flowers have been pl…More

Maine Woodlands

I love hiking in any woods, and am fortunate that there's a few places near my house where I like to go. I like being away from lots of people, buildings, and man-made things. I feel peaceful and mor…More

Peaceful Tree

I didn't actually take photos of any of the various bits of buildings - just this tree. I find it really peaceful, though one or two friends that I've shared it with have found it very stark and depr…More

Stacked Stones in Sedona

My husband, Joe Oliver, a flutist and an advanced EFT Practitioner played his flute in the middle of these stones. It was so quiet and still, all you could here was a slight breeze through the trees …More

Readers Respond: Favorite Healing Rituals

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