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Share Your Story: What My Ear Candling Session Was Like

By Beau

Why I Chose Ear Candling Therapy

I read that ear candling would help remove wax and other build up from my ear and I was feeling some excessive moisture (symptoms from congestion that sometimes turn into ear infection). I'd also had a few mild ear infections (unusual for me) in the last year so I decided to try ear candling.

About My Ear Candling Session

As the directions recommended, we used a paper plate with a hole cut to catch any wax that might drip and there was a small cylinder on the inside of the cone end of the candle which created a catch for any wax dripping from the inside. There was also a line clearly marked about three inches from the bottom of the candle where we were to stop the flame.

It was difficult to get the candle seated just right (my wife was helping) but once we did, I could feel a slight flow of air coming out of my ear and could hear a crackling sound (the flame). I did both ears.

Afterwords, my ears felt clear and clean and were quite sensitive to sound.

There was a lot of waxy build up on the inside of the candle.

I can't rave about the effectiveness of the treatment. I've read that the build up inside the candle is remnants from the candle itself which is likely. The minimal flow of air didn't seem like enough to pull anything out of my ears. My ears did feel clear after the treatment, though. In the days right after, I didn't feel much difference in my overall ear and sinus health.

On the other hand, the danger that is warned about is exaggerated. The candles came with clear directions and were safe to use according to the directions. Ear candles are no more dangerous than cotton swabs or ear bulbs.


  • Follow directions
  • Always have a friend help
  • Have a cup of water near by to extinguish candle when finished
  • Use common sense (don't push the candle into your ear, stop if you feel any discomfort, etc.)

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