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Reader Stories: What My Ear Candling Session Was Like


Review testimonials from people who have experienced receiving an ear candling session. Find out why they sought out ear candling and whether or not they were satisfied with their therapy session. Read advice offered from personal perspectives.

Sudden Loss of Hearing Syndrome

After doing the first ear candling - we were both astounded at the 2"x1/8" chunk of dark waxy substance. I still could not hear - we repeated the candling 2 more times with the same results. I still …More

Feel Good Feeling

The therapist explained from start to finish on how it works. She had her certificate on view on the wall of her treatment room. She did the candling on my ears after she had a consultation with me t…More

Ear Candling Was Actually Kind of Relaxing

Honestly the first time I did it I was sort of terrified, there was fire above my ear and a suction feeling. Everything turned out well though. Wasn't bad at all actually it was kind of relaxing. Jus…More

Monthly Ear Candling Recommended

Wonderfully relaxing and calming. Very professional as long as you seek out a professional. If your ears are not cleared after two sessions then this means wax has become compacted on the eardrum and…More

Pay it Forward, Ear Candle a Friend for Free

Very simple procedure. Soothing. Prepare and have safety measures set. Get the person comfortable, put the heat barrier between the person and the candle, light the candle. snip the ash every 2 inche…More

Ear Candling is a Good Option

I got some ear candles from The Vitamin Shoppe, and I went home and laid on the couch and my husband helped me do the candling. It was easy and fast, it didn't hurt at all. My husband is a medical as…More

Very Positive Experience

I had a very gentle, careful practitioner who conducted my ear candling session. She covered my face and hair with a towel; I had no concerns about getting burned. The process took about 1/2 hour. I …More

My Allergies Disappeared

My experience with the candling was amazing! After 2 session I could hear again, better then ever. After 2 more session my allergies disappearred. 14 yrs later, I do my ears 2-3 times a year. I don't…More

Ear Candling is a Hoax

I proved Ear Candling is HOAX. Anyone can prove it is FAKE. Burn a candle at your kitchen table over a plate or any fireproof surface. Open up the candle when done. You will find all this wax that lo…More

Ear Candling - A Natural Technique

I love having my ears candled. There is only one type of candle I would have in my ears, and due to the FDA's ridiculous stand, I will not say which one. They have had to take their website down (hop…More

Afterwards Ears Felt Clean and Clear

Just had it done today at a local day spa - nice experience, and afterwards felt much better - ears felt clean and clear. The amount of wax that was left in the cone ends was astonishing. The right e…More

My First Ear Candling Experience

First ear candling - Today I got my 1st candles with my sister Angie. We went downtown to Bernsiens Five and Dime to get the candles. Angie's man Randy poked it in my ear and lit the candle. I was ne…More

Immediate Relief for Earaches

I was surprised at the immediate relief I've experienced. There was a dark orange to brownish gunk inside the candle. It made me a believer. Henceforth, I've been using it for the whole family-- 4 ki…More

Snap Crackle Pop

The difference was almost immediate. I don't know the science behind how they work, apparently the fire creates a vacuum. It sounds like a low hissing and a few snap, crackle and pops as the ear wax …More

Wiccan Loves Ear Candling

Ear candling is relaxing and cleansing experience. It helps out ear infections better than any medicine I've ever tried. Everyone that is close enough to get to me on a regular basis comes back once …More

I Loved the Whole Experience!

I was discussing my companion's ear wax problem with my Mom and she told me about candling. So I candled his ears and was amazed at the amount of wax that came out! He then suggested I do mine and I …More

Non-Invasive, No Drug Procedure

Ear Candling is a relaxing experience which cleaned lots of wax from my ears and cleared my head. Reduced the amount of headaches I suffer from for some length of time before I had to repeat the proc…More

REAL person who LOVES ear candling

This is incredible! I don't sell these products, nor am I a "holistic fanatic"... I am actually a REAL person who LOVES the effects of "Ear Candling"! This process relaxes, softens wax, and improves …More

Clears Under Eye Puffiness and More! - Ear Candling Testimonial

I used several ear candles on each ear the first time. The Results: Ear candling took away the puffiness from under my eyes.Ear candling took away the sinus pressure.Ear candling helped with my equ…More

Ear Candling Helped My Psoriasis - Ear Candling Testimonial

It's easy. It takes about 15 minutes an ear. You wet a paper towel so you can put out the flame when you are done. You put a hole in a paper plate and set the candle in it about 2 inches. Light the t…More

Used Candle Therapy 5 Times - Ear Candling Testimonial

I am in MT classes, and learned how to use this method properly. If you have the common sense and the know how, it is better. The first time I used this on myself I was blown away from the immediate …More

Expensive and Not Effective - Ear Candling Testimonial

I have to say that I enjoyed the ear candling session and felt really relaxed afterwards. The next day, my nose felt clearer too. After just a couple of days however, the clear nose and feeling that …More

Sounds like Ocean Shore - Ear Candling Testimonial

Ear Candling felt great to me. It was relaxing. The practitioner had some soft music on and I layed on a comfy couch and closed my eyes and enjoyed the session. The sound it made was almost like an o…More

Cleared My Sinuses - Ear Candling Testimonial

Ear candling cleared up my sinuses immediately! It is also a very soothing process for my mind and body and a process I thoroughly enjoy. I use quality ear candles frequently without being harmed. I …More

Extreme Earwax Buildup - Ear Candling Testimonial

My father did my ear candling for me and It took about a half hour. It was not painful and we took all precautions necessary. You would not believe what came out of my ears !!!!!!!!! I cut open what …More

Changed My Opinion - Ear Candling Testimonial

I tried it myself but was not impressed and felt it really did not serve a good purpose. I learned the procedure in Sedona, Arizona after having it done professionally at $60.00 per treatment. That a…More

Gentle and Relaxing - Ear Candling Testimonial

I was in a craft store and came across the ear candles they had for sale. I purchased 8 of them, along with the instructions. Later that evening, I had my husband candle both of my ears for me. Along…More

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