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Reader Stories: What My Ear Candling Session Was Like


Review testimonials from people who have experienced receiving an ear candling session. Find out why they sought out ear candling and whether or not they were satisfied with their therapy session. Read advice offered from personal perspectives.

Tell About Ear Candling

Soothing Experience

During the procedure I would lay on my side with a towel across my head and. face. My husband would take a 4x4 piece of cardboard, put a hole in the middle large enough to insert the candle at its na…More

Used Ear Candling for Over 20 Years

I was fascinated by it! The wax and candida pulled from my head was interesting. now use it to help remove excess candida from my sinuses. I have a compromised immune system and this is much less inv…More

Ear Candling Alleviates Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

The two ear candling treatments I received from outsourced practitioners were done in a professional setting and quality materials. My ears felt less plugged, less itchy, and breathing was easier. It…More

Ear Candling Works for Me

Thirty minutes each candle. Multiple candles each ear to maximize removal as the wax is softened after the first candle. 2-3 candles if it has been months since a cleaning. Much less painful than doc…More

Useless Therapy

I sat at the table and waited the 15 minutes it took to burn the candle in my ear. I was waiting for the feeling of earwax to be removed from my eardrum. Nothing happened. My ear was still plugged up…More

Vacuum Allows Warmth to Travel

The vacuum allows for the warmth to travel to the membrane inner ear and the smoke does something for the membrane of the ear as well. I liken this to an experience as a child. I had many earaches an…More

Non-Evasive Treatment

I do the candling in a quirt environment. If it is done right the person having the candling done may fall asleep during the treatment. It should be a relaxing treatment. Should be done with safety f…More

Dangers Exaggerated

As the directions recommended, we used a paper plate with a hole cut to catch any wax that might drip and there was a small cylinder on the inside of the cone end of the candle which created a catch …More

Pain Relief was Instant

I was totally skeptical about it at first. I laid on my side and my friend lit the candle. It felt warm and I could hear crackling, but it was not painful at all. When she pulled the candle out the r…More

Positive Side of Ear Candling

I was never taught that ear candles "suck wax" out of your ears. My 1st session was relaxing, enjoyable and the LMT who did it told me to take note of how I felt AFTER. Did I feel like I was balanced…More

Ear Candling Was Actually Kind of Relaxing

Honestly the first time I did it I was sort of terrified, there was fire above my ear and a suction feeling. Everything turned out well though. Wasn't bad at all actually it was kind of relaxing. Jus…More

Monthly Ear Candling Recommended

Wonderfully relaxing and calming. Very professional as long as you seek out a professional. If your ears are not cleared after two sessions then this means wax has become compacted on the eardrum and…More

Pay it Forward, Ear Candle a Friend for Free

Very simple procedure. Soothing. Prepare and have safety measures set. Get the person comfortable, put the heat barrier between the person and the candle, light the candle. snip the ash every 2 inche…More

Ear Candling is a Good Option

I got some ear candles from The Vitamin Shoppe, and I went home and laid on the couch and my husband helped me do the candling. It was easy and fast, it didn't hurt at all. My husband is a medical as…More

Very Positive Experience

I had a very gentle, careful practitioner who conducted my ear candling session. She covered my face and hair with a towel; I had no concerns about getting burned. The process took about 1/2 hour. I …More

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